The Controller releases occur every six weeks. This page lists the past SaaS and on-premises Controller enhancements since 20.2. 

22.8 Release

Product/ComponentSummaryRelease VersionRelease Date
Alert & RespondA bug was fixed to ensure that actions are disabled/enabled based on the global action suppression flag.22.8.108/02/22

Cisco Secure Application

You can now monitor security of the business transactions using Cisco Secure Application.22.8.008/01/22
Alert & RespondYou can now create health rules and policies to monitor the APIs and trigger alerts when the API metrics and the synthetic events deviate from their normal behavior. See Alerts for Synthetic API Monitoring.

22.7 Release

Product/ComponentSummaryRelease VersionRelease Date
Account ManagementThis release includes the ability to create multiple users at one time. See Manage User Accounts.22.7.0July 10, 2022

Dash Studio

This release adds support for browser application variables. See Variables in ADQL Queries.22.7.0July 25, 2022

22.6 Release

Product/ComponentSummaryRelease VersionRelease Date
Experience Journey MapCustom labels are available to rename end user events in user journeys. See Add a Custom Label.22.6.0

June 23, 2022

Mobile RUM

Mobile Sessions are no longer created from the following end user events occurring in the background:

  • Connection transitions (network transition)
  • Network requests
Dash StudioSome buttons on the Dashboard and Widget properties panel are relabeled and reorganized. See Dash Studio のウィジェット.
Alert & RespondBug was fixed to ensure actions are enabled/disabled during restart depending on action suppression flag.22.6.1August 4, 2022
Synthetic Browser MonitoringBug fixed to enable users with edit permission to edit the API monitoring collections.

22.5 Release 


This release corrects an issue regarding the preservation of business transaction configurations for Business Journeys. See Controller (SaaS) Resolved Issues.


Agent Installer

This release includes:

Mobile Real User Monitoring

The 22.5.0 Controller release includes the following enhancements:

Synthetic Monitoring

The Synthetic web and API monitoring APIs are released. See Synthetic Monitoring API.

Database Monitoring

This release includes new Microsoft SQL server metrics. See データベースのモニタリングメトリック.

22.4 Release


Agent Installer

This release includes the Tier Naming Rules feature and changes to the Node Name format. Existing customers using the Agent Installer will automatically have their Node names changed to the new format, see Node Name Format.

Dash Studio

This release supports viewing ThousandEyes data for the past 90 days. See ThousandEyes ダッシュボードの設定.

22.3 Release


This release includes bug fixes and optimizations. See the 22.3 Controller Resolved Issues for details.


This release includes bug fixes and optimizations. See the 22.3 Controller Resolved Issues for details.



The following configurations were added to enhance audit logging:

Configuration Name

See Controller Audit Log.

End User Monitoring

When you create a Controller Audit scheduled report, you can filter the data by EUM_CONFIGURATION filters.

Database Monitoring

Added the Number of Sessions column on the Queries page. See データベースの [Queries] ウィンドウ.

Cluster Monitoring

  • The log collection works even if the AWS account display name contains a plus (+) character.
  • An option to save the logs in the S3 bucket or in the Controller filesystem by using the sim.cluster.logs.s3.enabled Controller setting. See 失敗したポッドのログ収集の有効化.

Dash Studio

Support for running a custom query for any metric. See データバインド.

AppDynamics for OpenTelemetry

AppDynamics for OpenTelemetry is a new service to ingest and visualize OpenTelemetry data. See AppDynamics for OpenTelemetry documentation.

There are known issues in the 22.3 release. See Known Issues for details.

22.2 Release


This release includes support for asynchronously correlated business transactions for mobile sessions. See the 22.2 Controller Resolved Issues for details.


This release includes bug fixes. See the 22.2 Controller Resolved Issues for details.


This release includes bug fixes. See the 22.2 Controller Resolved Issues for details.


This release includes bug fixes and optimizations. See the 22.2 Controller Resolved Issues for details.



This release includes a UI enhancement that displays license availability and usage for applications that can enable Application Analytics. See トランザクション分析データの収集.

Agent Installer

This release includes support for installing the Machine Agent on Windows using the Agent Installer. See Agent Installer and エージェントインストーラ API を使用したエージェントの展開.

Browser Real User Monitoring (RUM)

This release includes a set of features for monitoring and troubleshooting JavaScript Errors:

  • The JavaScript Error dashboard displays metrics for all JavaScript error in a browser app.
  • The Summary dashboard displays metrics for a JavaScript error.
  • The Instance table lists each occurrence of a JavaScript error.
  • The Troubleshooting functionality locates the error in an uploaded source map and source file.

See JavaScript Error Dashboard for more information.

Synthetic Monitoring

This release includes support for the configuration of multiple schedules for a Synthetic job. See Configure Synthetic Jobs and Configure API Monitoring Jobs.

Dash Studio

This release includes support for the Gauge widget in a ThousandEyes query. See ThousandEyes ダッシュボードの設定.

This page has not yet been translated to Japanese.

This page has not yet been translated to Japanese.