This page describes the grammars to configure the .NET Agent. Grammars allow you to configure application names, tier names, and node names. See Install the .NET Core Microservices Agent for Windows.

Setting up grammars is optional, and if they are not set, then the cmd grammar is the default grammar. 

Supported Grammars

Grammar NameDescriptionsPrefixesExamples


The cmd grammar only supports environment variables. To add environment variables, use the format %NAME%.Use the prefix !cmd! to use cmd grammar. 
  • {"tier" : "!cmd!webApi-%COMPUTERNAME%"}
  • {"tier" : "paymentApi-%COMPUTERNAME%"}


The ps grammar supports agent properties and environment variables. Use the format ${property:NAME} for agent properties, and use the format ${env:NAME} for environment variables. Use the prefix !ps! to use ps grammar. {"tier" : "!ps!webApi-${env:COMPUTERNAME}_${property:IIS_VIRTUAL_APPLICATION_PATH}" }

Supported Agent Properties 

Agent Property Name Agent Property Description Example
IIS_VIRTUAL_APPLICATION_PATHThe IIS Virtual Application Path is used by the application. This property is always prefixed with the / symbol and is supported by ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core applications hosted on IIS with the in and out-of-process hosting model. /myPath