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Resolved and Known Issues

These are the resolved issues in the 22.4 SaaS Controller and 22.4 agent releases.

When there is an update to an artifact, you can find the new version numbers in the tables below.  Version numbers are also shown in the AppDynamics Downloads Portal.

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Agent Resolved Issues

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BRUM-6966JavaScript AgentSome error events displayed the event URL as the JavaScript file rather than the page URL.22.4.0
BRUM-7088JavaScript Agent

Multiple JavaScript error messages (with no stack trace) are combined into one error event.

DBMON-8568Database Agent

Database Agent does not monitor all the nodes in the availability group of an MSSQL database server. This happens when multiple groups are configured on the same set of nodes, and the nodes do not contain the replica_server_name parameter.

DBMON-8584Database AgentDatabase Agent does not work when there is a mismatch in the Oracle PDB service names.22.4.0
DBMON-8611Database AgentPostgres driver is upgraded to the 42.3.3 version.22.4.0
DOTNET-5975.NET Agent Incorrect transformation of methods with branch instruction at the end.22.4.0
DOTNET-6038.NET Agent Inability to read PerformanceCounter by the Coordinator service.22.4.0
DOTNET-6076.NET Agent MSI installed agent on .NET Core 3.1 fails to start.22.4.0
DOTNET-6077.NET Agent There is a mismatch in a signature between managed and native APIs. 22.4.0
DOTNET-6078.NET Agent Profiler attempts to load non-strong name agent assembly.22.4.0
JAVA-10880Java AgentJava Agent does not report garbage collection metrics when using the Z Garbage Collector.22.4.0
JAVA-10904Java AgentThe applications using the Java Agent Azure Extension in a Spring Boot environment fail to start and do not generate logs.22.4.0
JAVA-10979Java AgentThe class loader does not load classes that are locked with class initialization lock. The initialization lock ensures that each class is initialized only once.22.4.0
JAVA-10991Java Agent

The sensitive message filter does not mask the sensitive data in the error details and asynchronous segments when the message includes multiple filters.



C/C++ SDK Agent

Using functions to configure Analytics message limits leads to unresolved symbols error.


Agent Known Issues

Database AgentDatabase Agent does not run on JDK 16 and 17 versions.Use JDK version 15 or lower. 

In the Metric Browser, the keys of one Database Collector get displayed under other Database Collectors. 

For example, keys of Database Collector 1 can appear under Database Collector 2, even if the keys are not part of the Database Collector 2 query output.

This issue occurs when you create a custom metric that runs on multiple databases and returns multiple key-value pairs. In such scenarios, only the keys get duplicated, not the metric values.


Controller (SaaS) Resolved Issues

There are no 22.4 Controller resolved issues yet.

Controller Known Issues

There are no 22.4 known issues yet.


These are the enhancements in the 22.4 SaaS Controller and 22.4 agent releases.

Agent Enhancements

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Analytics Agent

This release includes:

  • The Azul JRE version was upgraded from 8.54 to 8.60.
  • The SLF4J version was upgraded from 1.7.32 to 1.7.36.
22.4.0 - April 28, 2022
Android Agent

There is no release for 22.4.0 yet.

Apache Web Server Agent

There is no release for 22.4.0 yet.

AppDynamics AWS Lambda Extension for Serverless APM

There is no release for 22.4.0 yet.


This release includes a bug fix. 22.4.0 - April 29, 2022

Cluster Agent

  • This release includes minor bug fixes.
  • The Cluster Agent Operator is updated with the Golang version 1.17.7
22.4.0 - April 29, 2022

Cordova Plugin

There is no release for 22.4.0 yet.

Database Agent

This release includes bug fixes and enhancements.

22.4.0 - April 25, 2022
Flutter AgentThere is no release for 22.4.0 yet.


There is no release for 22.4.0 yet.

IBM Integration Bus Agent 

There is no release for 22.4.0 yet.

iOS Agent

There is no release for 22.4.0 yet.

Java Agent

This release includes:

22.4.0 - April 22, 2022

JavaScript Agent

This release includes a change to how beacons are sent. Beacons by default will be sent to the HTTPS endpoint if available. If HTTPS is not available, beacons will be sent with the host HTTP endpoint.

22.4.0 - April 15, 2022

Java Serverless Tracer

There is no release for 22.4.0 yet.

Machine Agent

This release includes:

  • On Linux systems, the flag -Dappdynamics.machine.agent.extensions.calcVolumeFreeAndUsedWithDfCommand is now set to TRUE by default. See Configure Disk Usage Metric Collection on Linux.

  • The solaris_sparcv9 Java version was upgraded to JRE11.
  • The following third-party libraries were upgraded:

    LibraryPrevious VersionUpgraded Version
    Jakarta Expression Language 3.0 Implementation3.

    Jetty (Java-based HTTP/1.x, HTTP/2, Servlet, WebSocket server)


    AppDynamics recommends using Machine Agent 22.2.0 for AIX OS.

22.4.0 - April 27, 2022

.NET Agent

This release:

  • Signs AppDynamics.Agent.netstandard.dll in Agent NuGet packages. 
  • Improves dynamic reflection with runtime type re-binding capability. 
  • Extracts process identity for .NET Agent on Linux to make parity with Windows Agent. 
  • Uses stdout instead of temp-file communication for processing. 
22.4.0 - April 5, 2022

Network Agent

There is no release for 22.4.0 yet.

Node.js Agent 

There is no release for 22.4.0 yet.

Node.js Serverless Tracer

There is no release for 22.4.0 yet.

PHP Agent

There is no release for 22.4.0 yet.

Python Agent

This release includes support for the Python 3.10 version. See Python Supported Environments.

22.4.0 - April 27, 2022

Python Serverless Tracer

There is no release for 22.4.0 yet.

React Native Agent

There is no release for 22.4.0 yet.


There is no release for 22.4.0 yet.

Synthetic Hosted Agent

There is no release for 22.4.0 yet.

Synthetic Private Agent (API Monitoring)

There is no release for 22.4.0 yet.

Xamarin Agent

This release includes a customization to attach custom user data to a network request. See Attach a Custom User Data Property to a Network Request.

22.4.0 - April 18, 2022

Controller Enhancements

Agent Installer

This release includes the Tier Naming Rules feature and changes to the Node Name format. Existing customers using the Agent Installer will automatically have their Node names changed to the new format, see Node Name Format.

Dash Studio

This release supports viewing ThousandEyes data for the past 90 days. See Configure the ThousandEyes Dashboard.