The ThousandEyes query is a metrics query available in the Data panel for dashboards created in Dash Studio. Enable this query to troubleshoot network performance issues related to latency, packet loss, and bandwidth utilization. See ThousandEyes platform.

To filter and create customized metrics to analyze the performance of your network:

  1. Click Dashboards and Reports and select the Dash Studio tab.

  2. Click to create a new dashboard or you can open an existing dashboard. 
  3. Select a widget from the widget panel. 

    Only the Time Series, Metric Number, and Gauge widget support the ThousandEyes query.

  4. Click the Show me data for dropdown in the Data panel.

  5. Select ThousandEyes from the dropdown. You can add only one ThousandEyes query per widget. Data Source field displays with the Cloud & Enterprise Agents option set by default. 

    • The Data Source option allows you to choose an agent type to gain insights about network and application performance. See agent types in ThousandEyes.
    • Dash Studio supports only one agent type, Cloud & Enterprise Agents.
  6. Click Metric Category and select a category from the dropdown list.
  7. Click Metric and select a metric value from the dropdown list.
  8. Click Group By to select how to group the selected metric value. You can group the metrics using one of these options:
    • Agent Labels - Logical grouping of agents.
    • Agents - Agents installed at various locations. 
    • Tests - Network assets to be monitored. See tests.
    • Test Labels - Logical grouping of multiple tests.  

    The Group By option is available only for the Time Series widget.

  9. Click Account Groups, then select a group from the dropdown list. The default account group is selected if you do not choose any group.

  10. Click Tests. 

    When you select an account group, you can choose only the associated tests of that account group.

    After you enter valid inputs in all the fields, the widget displays this output:

    Test result

    The dropdown list does not display the disabled test.

    On completing successful ThousandEyes binding, the Powered by ThousandEyes icon displays for the Time Series widget.

    • The maximum supported time range is 90 days.
    • Time Range Comparison is not available for ThousandEyes data.

    On the Time Series widget, you can hover over the graph to view the ThousandEyes tests. On the Metric Number widget, you can hover over the numerical value to view the ThousandEyes tests. Clicking on any of the test links redirects you to the ThousandEyes dashboard.

    Hover over the graph or number