This page describes a brief overview ot the AppDynamics SaaS deployment. 

AppDynamics provides a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution hosted and maintained by AppDynamics. You have the option to manage user account credentials via SAML or LDAP integration.

Every deployment includes:

  • A Tenant for data collection.
  • A Tenant UI to view, understand, and analyze the data. 
  • An online Account Management Portal to manage your account, users, subscriptions, license usage, and role functionality. 

Every deployment requires:

AppDynamics does not support user or agent requests that originate from any URL other than the Tenant URL provided at registration or otherwise edited by AppDynamics. Due to system security improvements, requests from custom URLs will be rejected and may cause a service disruption.

If a custom URL is required, we recommend that you create a forward proxy in your environment.