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AppDynamics Serverless Application Performance Monitoring (Serverless APM) for AWS Lambda gives you visibility into the performance of your application's components that run as functions on serverless compute environments. 

Serverless APM gives you an end-to-end view of applications through business transaction correlation. Serverless APM correlates business transactions between AWS Lambda functions and:

  • Components instrumented with AppDynamics app agents
  • Devices instrumented with AppDynamics End User Monitoring (EUM) agents 

Additionally, Serverless APM correlates business transactions through serverless functions, such an AWS Lambda function that invokes another function.

Serverless APM in the Controller 

When business applications contain serverless functions, the Controller experience differs slightly in flow maps, dashboards and metric browser pages, and health rules. 

Flow Maps

Flow maps are a dynamic visual representation of your monitored environment's components and activities. When business applications have serverless functions, you cannot view the nodes within flow map tiers because of the opaque nature of serverless platforms. A serverless icon replaces the node count in the application flow map. 

The screenshot below depicts an application composed of AWS Lambda tiers:

Application Flow Map

Dashboards and Metric Browser Pages

You can view AWS Lambda functions on your application dashboards and metrics pages. All functionality is identical to that which you would get with any other tier type, with the exception of node-level granularity. AWS Lambda tiers do not offer node-level dashboards or metrics because serverless platform runtime instances spin up and down on demand.

Health Rules 

When you configure a health rule for an application comprised of serverless functions, you can choose to monitor the serverless tiers or business transactions that originate in or flow through the serverless functions. See Configure Health Rules.

Get Started 

Serverless APM requires a subscription through AWS Marketplace. See Subscribe to Serverless APM for AWS Lambda to get started.

If you have already subscribed to Serverless APM, you can begin instrumentation. See:

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