AppDynamics provides release information for Commercial SaaS and agent releases, resolved issues, system requirements, and all current product updates. 

Resolved and Known Issues

These are the resolved issues for the agents and the Controller SaaS in the 21.8 release. 

When artifacts are updated, they are listed with their new version numbers in the tables below. Version numbers are also shown in the AppDynamics Downloads Portal.

You can sort the table of resolved issues by key, version, and product, or use the search field to find resolved issues. The most recent releases appear at the top of the page.

Agent Resolved Issues

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CDM-7704iOS AgentNSURLSession handling for beacons is failing21.8.1
CDM-7684iOS AgentADEumTimeStamp initWithNSDate produces invalid UPTIME value 21.8.0
DOTNET-5589.NET Agent Re-enable the call graph consolidation by default21.8.1
DOTNET-5691.NET Agent The Agentless Analytics on .NET Core Applications exits due to an error21.8.0
DOTNET-5699.NET Agent Update Docker Hub appdynamics/dotnet-core-agent:latest to the latest version21.8.0
DOTNET-5721.NET Agent Fix the increase of IIS Request queue21.8.0
DOTNET-5736.NET Agent Remove the use of IsBadReadPtr21.8.0
DOTNET-5738.NET Agent The Application Restarted Events are not sending 21.8.0
DOTNET-5740.NET Agent Ensure that the stall transaction timeout is configurable21.8.0
DOTNET-5764.NET Agent Fixed NullRefException while collecting SQL query for Analytics21.8.0
DOTNET-5769.NET Agent Fix SSL configuration validation 21.8.1
JAVA-10046Java Agent

A memory leak is reported in disabledTransaction map

JAVA-10105Java AgentThe log4j2 has been upgraded for the agent21.8.0
NODEJS-537Node.js AgentRemove the request module21.8.0
NODEJS-544Node.js Agent

Fix packaging of the standalone Node.js builds

PYTHON-874Python AgentFixed important security issues21.8.0

Controller (SaaS) Resolved Issues

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ALERT-8681Alert and RespondThe alert email notification exposes the internal IP address of the instance21.8.1
ALERT-9137Alert and RespondUser getting logged out when trying to create action suppression with default view permissions21.8.0
ANALYTICS-11112AnalyticsThe query in the URL doesn't get updated when a filter is added in the search21.8.0
ANALYTICS-13461AnalyticsFixed the LoadingCache to fetch configurations21.8.0
BRUM-6847Browser RUMAuto-injected code snippet for the Java Agent is not correct for customers self-hosting the agent21.8.3
DBMON-7371Database VisibilityThe details of the database collector on the Databases window display mismatch between the card and the grid view21.8.0
DBMON-7829Database VisibilityIncorrect sorting for "Rows_examined" on the Session list page21.8.0
DBMON-7986Database VisibilityAll custom metrics are not reported when you change the value of the dbmon.config.max.custommetric setting21.8.0
DBMON-8059Database VisibilityThe Cassandra database metrics are not displayed when you select longer duration on the Databases Dashboard21.8.0
DBMON-8134Database VisibilityThe database collectors stop reporting to Controller, and the Database Agent logs display exception errors21.8.0
DBMON-8315Database VisibilityThe Oracle query Explain another query shows empty result; Database Execution Plan is not displayed21.8.4
IAM-1787Identity, Authentication, Authorization, and AuditThe property system.use.notification.message is not working on Controller version 21.2.3 and higher21.8.0
MQS-1259Metric Query ServiceMetric expressions do not work when the Metric Hierarchy is enabled21.8.0
MQS-1264Metric Query ServiceMetric expressions do not work for database metrics21.8.0
PLATSE-224Platform Sustaining EngineeringApplying filter to reject unsecure URLs21.8.2
PLATSE-237Platform Sustaining EngineeringApp Server Agent log files not available for download from Controller21.8.3
PLATSE-239 Platform Sustaining EngineeringApplying filter to reject unsecure URLs21.8.3
PLATSE-279Platform Sustaining EngineeringSelf-closing HTML element <input> does not render21.8.4
PLATSE-264Platform Sustaining EngineeringHealth Status widget does not display any configured entities when you edit the health rule21.8.4
STUDIO-3412Dash Studio

If you use a variable during the Datagrid widget configuration, an HTTP 500 internal error is displayed on the dashboard

STUDIO-3761Dash Studio

Cannot change the number of applications on the Health Rule widget

STUDIO-3909Dash StudioUnable to view reports in the Reports & Dashboards > Reports tab21.8.3
STUDIO-4012Dash Studio

The following libraries in the Controller have been upgraded to the specified versions:

  • jQuery 3.5.1
  • AngularJS 1.8.2
UIK-3644Dash StudioThe Dash Studio widgets do not render the quotation marks (" ") of metrics21.8.0

Known Issues

There are no known issues for the 21.8 release.

Agent Enhancements

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Analytics Agent

There is no release for 21.8.0 yet.

Android Agent

There is no release for 21.8.0 yet.

Apache Web Server Agent

There is no release for 21.8.0 yet.

AppDynamics AWS Lambda Extension for Serverless APM

There is no release for 21.8.0 yet.


There is no release for 21.8.0 yet.

Cluster Agent

There is no release for 21.8.0 yet.

Cordova Plugin

There is no release for 21.8.0 yet.

Database Agent

There is no release for 21.8.0 yet.


There is no release for 21.8.0 yet.

IBM Integration Bus Agent 

There is no release for 21.8.0 yet.

iOS Agent

This release includes replacing NSURLConnection with NSURLSession to send beacon data to the collector.

21.8.0 - August 9, 2021

This hotfix release includes changing the beacon handler NSURLSession back to NSURLConnection.21.8.1 - August 13, 2021

Java Agent

This release includes the upgraded versions of grpc-netty-shaded and snakeyaml for Java Agent.

21.8.0 - August 24, 2021

JavaScript Agent

There is no release for 21.8.0 yet.

Java Serverless Tracer

There is no release for 21.8.0 yet.

Machine Agent

There is no release for 21.8.0 yet.

.NET Agent 

This release includes:

  • Support for SQL Data Collector on Linux (known issues: SQL parameters may be shown twice, non-string parameters are shown as empty in Analytics UI)
  • Docker image for latest tag was updated. See Upgrade the .NET Agent for Linux instructions.
21.8.0 - August 27, 2021
This release includes connecting the CORECLR environment values to the logs21.8.1 - September 6, 2021

Network Agent

There is no release for 21.8.0 yet.

Node.js Agent 

This release removes support for Node.js versions 8 and - August 4, 2021

Node.js Serverless Tracer

There is no release for 21.8.0 yet.

PHP Agent

There is no release for 21.8.0 yet.

Python Agent

This release includes support for Alpine Linux. See Python Supported Environments.

21.8.0 - August 31, 2021

Python Serverless Tracer

There is no release for 21.8.0 yet.

React Native Agent

There is no release for 21.8.0 yet.


SAP 21.8.0 released. See Release Notes Version - August 20, 2021

Synthetic Hosted Agent

There is no release for 21.8.0 yet.

Xamarin Agent

This release includes:

21.8.0 - August 12, 2021

Controller Enhancements


This release includes bug fixes and optimizations. See the 21.8.4 resolved issues given in Controller Resolved Issues for details.


This Controller release includes an improved URL filter for APIs and fixes some bugs. See the 21.8.3 resolved issues given in Controller Resolved Issues for details.


This Controller release includes improved URL filter for APIs. See PLATSE-224 in the Controller Resolved Issues for details.


In this Controller release, jQuery was updated to version 3.5.1 and AngularJS was upgraded to version 1.8.2. See Controller Resolved Issues.


License Management

License error messages have been updated for infrastructure-based licenses. See License Errors and Troubleshooting.

License Entitlements

The Mobile Real User Monitoring Pro (SaaS) retention entitlement has changed for Event Data. See License Entitlements and Restrictions.

Dash Studio

Experience Journey Map

You can now filter Experience Journey Map by region and city. See How to Use Experience Journey Map.

AppDynamics Mobile Application Enhancements

The AppDynamics 21.8.0 mobile application is released for General Availability. With our reimagined AppDynamics mobile app you can:

  • Customize home screen to monitor your most important entities and metrics at a glance 

  • View all events across entities and identify correlations through centralized event feed

  • See key monitoring data in detail with entity centric page and navigate between related entities with ease
  • Quickly identify potential root causes with Automated Transaction Diagnostics (ATD) support
  • Get alerted immediately for critical events through push notifications and seamless integration with messaging tools such as PagerDuty, Slack, SMS