This page describes how to manage the visibility of fields in your analytics data. This capability enables you to prevent fields from being viewed by others in your organization. 

You can set the visibility of the fields in most of the analytics event types with the exception of custom events. Hiding fields in custom events is not supported.


The Manage Fields permission is required to manage field visibility. If a role has the Manage Fields permission, it means all the users with that role can manage all the fields they have access to. They can unhide the fields or see which fields have been hidden. For instance, if you have Manage Fields permission and View permission for the business transactions in the Ecommerce App, then you can only see and manage fields for that application.

Manage Fields

  1. From the Analytics Search panel, click next to each component grouping to open the Manage Fields panel.
  2. Use the Manage Fields panel to show or hide fields. The list of fields varies based on the event type selected for the search.

Delete Extracted Fields

For >= 4.3, you may have two types of extracted fields, fields created in 4.2 where the Controller version has been upgraded to a higher version and fields extracted from logs with log source rules.

For fields created in 4.2, you can delete the fields:

  1. Hover over the field and click on the view icon that appears.
  2. Click on Delete in the popup.

For fields being extracted from logs using log source rules, you can delete the fields by editing the source rules. See Field Extraction for Source Rules.