AppDynamics displays key metrics for Mobile RUM on the various dashboards in the Mobile UI and in the Metric Browser

With the exception of App Crashes per Minute, the crash information displayed in the Controller UI is based on data stored in the Events Store and not displayed in the Metric Browser.

Crash Metrics

HTTP Errors

An HTTP error occurs when an HTTP request is sent and a response is received, but the response status code indicates that an error occurred. These errors suggest that the network is working correctly, but there is a problem on the client side (4xx status codes) or the server side (5xx status codes) that prevented normal handling of the request.

Network Errors

A network error is any occurrence that prevents the HTTP request from being sent or the HTTP response from being received successfully. Typical causes of network errors include:

Network Requests

Network request metrics are reported for each platform and instrumented mobile application.

Crashes via Analyze

Crash measurements are created using the Analyze event store. They are displayed in the Crash Dashboard.