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This page lists the resolved issues for the agents in the 20.5 release.

When artifacts are updated, they are listed with their new version numbers in the tables below. Version numbers are also shown on the download portal (http://download.appdynamics.com).

You can sort the table of resolved issues by key, version, and product, or use the search field to find resolved issues. The most recent releases appear at the top of the page.

Agent Resolved Issues

ANALYTICS-12608Analytics AgentHealth Check commands failed due to deprecated method20.5.0
CDM-5998Android AgentServer is returning null response headers for correlated requests20.5.0
DBMON-6508Database Monitoring

After upgrading the Database Agent, the database collectors fail to retrieve data. Hence, the summary of each event on the Events page displays the java.sql.SQLException: Connection property: format error: Property is 'v$session.program error

DBMON-6805Database MonitoringFor Mongo database, Database Agent includes its own monitoring query20.5.0
DLNATIVE-2544Node.js AgentCustomer Transaction Naming based on HTTP headers and cookies is now enabled.20.5.0
DOTNET-4608.NET Agent.NET Agent Nuget package for Azure App Service does not support .NET Core 2.2+20.5.0
DOTNET-4465.NET Agent
BT detection stopped working after upgrade to .NET core 3.1 version and disable MVC naming20.5.0
DOTNET-3654.NET Agent
MVC Controller/Action BT naming with Linux full agent is not working with endpoint-based routing20.5.0
DOTNET-4063.NET Agent"A request container already exists on the request" error when implementing .NET Core Agent with oData 20.5.0
DOTNET-4286.NET Agent
ASP_DOTNET Core Interceptors reporting sporadic stalled/abandoned transaction20.5.0
DOTNET-4621.NET Agent
Azure WebApp is crashing with agent version
DOTNET-4442.NET Agent
AccessViolationException crashes applications with .NET Agent
IIB-256IBM Integration Bus AgentIIB Broker starts up with the instrumented Appdynamics Agent but crashes after sometime20.5.0
JAVA-6431Java Agent

The correlation between client and server is not reported for Spring Boot RMI

JAVA-6793Java Agent

Applications using the SAP wily Agent along with Java Agent fail to start

JAVA-6876Java Agent

Akka Http Exit call does not report correct 'average response time'

JAVA-6993Java Agent

Agent fails to collect logs through the Controller in the Debug level mode

JAVA-7005Java Agent

A verification error results in the application failure to run the database calls

JAVA-7257Java AgentAppDynamics Opentracer library is incorrectly published to Maven20.5.0
JAVA-7338Java AgentJava Agent reports insecure Deserialization Arbitrary CodeExecution due to htpclient-cache third party library vulnerability20.5.0
JAVA-7368Java AgentASM is updated to the latest version,
JAVA-7389Java Agent

The following Apache commons packages have been upgraded:

  • apache-fileupload to 1.4
  • apache-commons-codec and httpclient to 4.5.12
JAVA-7471Java AgentRunning an application server with Java Agent 20.4+ throws a NullPointerException in the Java Agent logs20.5.0
NODEJS-83Node.js AgentNode.js Agent fails when variables pass through the Express middleware.20.5.0
NODEJS-89Node.js AgentNode.js Agent does not capture the cookie value for HTTP Data Collector configuration if the specific cookie is not first in the cookie header.20.5.0
PHP-171PHP AgentPHP Agent causes a CLI process to crash during batch processing20.5.0
PHP-822PHP AgentSQL query does not get masked when a comment is included in the actual query20.5.0

Agent shows increased Response Time for the socket connection with JAVA proxy


PHP RPM files do not have the relevant version numbers

PHP-891PHP AgentWordpress and Drupal Frameworks are not detected in the downstream app when the downstream app receives a call from the upstream app using the file_get_contents function20.5.0
SERVER-6824Machine AgentMachine Agent ignores IPv6 network interface if it is not available20.5.0
SERVER-8182Machine Agent

OSHI CPU utilization metric displays correctly when compared to WMI-based metrics

SERVER-8205Machine AgentThe Windows collector script exits gracefully if it times out20.5.0
SERVER-8273Machine AgentSupport of runtime system properties for logging functionality20.5.0
SERVER-8284Machine AgentMachine Agent for Linux no longer gets stuck on remote volumes command and continues to report metrics20.5.1
WEBSRV-253Apache AgentJava installed under the webserver addon is flagged as a security vulnerability20.5.0
WEBSRV-69Apache AgentApache worker thread crashes within ZeroMQ calls20.5.0
WEBSRV-66Apache AgentUnix Socket Limitation in Apache Agent20.5.0
WEBSRV-63Apache AgentApache aborts under high load and worker thread counts20.5.0
WEBSRV-20Apache AgentUpgrade Java version for proxy to fulfil security audit requirements20.5.0

Cloud Monitoring Resolved Issues

CLUSTERMON-1576Cluster AgentCluster Pods list is populating correctly for SaaS Controllersuic-20.5.0
SERVER-8264Controller UIWhen navigating to the cluster dashboard, the dashboard no longer displays a 500 Internal Server Error while fetching High Metric Retention minute-level data for more than 1 houruic-20.5.0
SERVER-8271Machine AgentServer metrics no longer disappear in the UI when scrolling uic-20.5.0

Controller (SaaS/On-Premises) Resolved Issues

There are no resolved issues for the Controller in this release.