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You can upgrade the Events Service either manually or by using the Enterprise Console.

You must upgrade manually if you:

For on-premises deployments, 4.5.2 is the latest version of the Events Service. If you upgrade to a version of the Events Service other than the latest, run the Enterprise Console installer for the desired Events Service version. 

For SaaS deployments upgrading to Events Service version 4.5.3 or later, modify your data field names to conform to the latest requirements, as described here.

Before Upgrading

AppDynamics removed Search Guard from the on-premises Events Service version If your deployment requires Search Guard or a comparable feature, do not upgrade to this version of the Events Service.

AppDyanmics will provide an alternative security feature with the next major release of the on-premises Events Service.

See the Support Advisory for more details.

  1. Download and install the new Enterprise Console.
  2. Plan the order in which to upgrade platform components (not just Events Service).
  3. Modify the file.
  4. Back up your events-service.vmoptions file.

To upgrade the Events Service software to a version earlier than 4.1, you must first manually upgrade the service to 4.1, and then use the Enterprise Console to discover the Events Service nodes.

Upgrade the Events Service

  1. Run the upgrade Events Service command. 
  2. Discover the Events Service nodes using the Enterprise Console.

Verify the Upgrade

Once the upgrade completes: 

  1. The Events Service process should have restarted—verify its health status in the Enterprise Console GUI.
  2. Merge your backup copy of the events-service.vmoptions file into the new copy of the file created by the upgrade.

After an upgrade, you will find the Events Service startup script paths here:


This may be different from their paths before the upgrade.