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The primary metric is only available for Controller version 4.5.13 or later and JS Agent version 4.5.13 or later.

The primary metric is a way to customize your browser application widgets. The default primary metric is set to End User Response Time (EURT), but you can choose between EURT and Visually Complete Time (VCT). Once the primary metric is configured, the various dashboards, summaries, and charts will automatically update to show trending data for that configured metric. This allows you to view the EUM event timing that is most relevant to your business needs.

Configure primary metric screenshot

To configure the primary metric, go to Configuration > Instrumentation > Settings.

Available Metrics

You can set the primary metric to EURT or VCT. The default primary metric is EURT. EURT tracks the total amount of time for all content on a web page to be loaded. VCT tracks the total amount of time for all visual content to be loaded in the viewport. To see how EURT and VCT are calculated for SPA pages, see SPA2 Metrics.

Example application for end user response time metrics

Example application for virtual complete time metrics

Primary Metric Visibility

The primary metric is visible across several dashboards, charts, and summaries. The following screenshots are examples of primary metric visibility when configured to VCT. 

Primary metric visibility screenshot, browser overview page

Geo dashboard screenshot

Browser snapshot screenshot, VCT

Pages and Ajax request screenshot, VCT