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Use browser instrumentation through automatic JavaScript Agent injection and enable Real User Monitoring (RUM) for SAP Fiori, WebDynpro, WebGUI (SAPGUI for HTML), and BSP (CRM WebUI, etc.) applications.


Configure Browser Instrumentation

You can customize browser Instrumentation from Instrumentation settings > Browser Instrumentation tab using SAP transaction code /DVD/APPD_CUST.

The following table describes the fields and descriptions for Instrumentation Settings:

Hosting options

Determines where the JavaScript Agent files are to be hosted. See JavaScript Agent configuration.

  • AppDynamics CDN: All the JavaScript Agent files are from the host cdn.appdynamics.com. It is a simple and helpful option for testing purposes.
  • Self-Hosting: Hosts all of the JavaScript Agent files. It provides more control and is recommended for production. 

  • Shared Hosting: Hosts the main file adrum.js. Other files, that are loaded asynchronously, are from the AppDynamics CDN. It offers control of the most important file of the JavaScript Agent. It is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses that don't have the resources or prefer not to host the entire JavaScript Agent.
  • Custom snippet: Allows to enter the complete code snippet for the JavaScript injection. All parameters are maintained in the code snippet when this hosting option is used.
Agent Version

It is provided when AppDynamics CDN hosting is selected. The default value is adrum-latest.js.

This field is hidden for hosting options other than AppDynamics CDN where the default value is adrum.js.

Custom host

It is provided when Self-Hosting or Shared Hosting is selected.

It is a mandatory field and the value should not contain prefixes like HTTP:// or HTTPS://.

XHR Exclusion Pattern

URL filter for excluding XHR calls from monitoring, use semicolon (;) as a separator to enter multiple patterns such as .*foo.*; .*bar.*

See Filter XHR Calls by URLs


This value is obtained when Browser RUM is set up

Cross domain correlationFlag to enable session correlation across multiple domains. See Session Correlation Across Multiple Domains
UI5 Instrumentation activeFlag to enable instrumentation of SAP Fiori (UI5) applications using the JavaScript Agent.
WebDynpro instrumentation activeFlag to enable instrumentation of WebDynpro applications using the JavaScript Agent.
WebGUI instrumentation activeFlag to enable instrumentation of WebGUI (SAPGUI for HTML) applications using the JavaScript Agent.
(Beta) BSP instrumentation activeFlag to enable instrumentation of BSP pages (covers also CRM WebUI) using the JavaScript Agent.

Custom Code Snippet

Choose Custom snippet from the Hosting Options drill-down menu and enter the custom snippet for the JavaScript agent injection.

The Custom Code Snippet hosting option allows you to use more options like specifying the on-premise EUM server. See Configure the JavaScript Agent


C++ SDK used in HTTP SDK currently does not support correlation with Browser RUM.

Browser instrumentation is supported from SAP NetWeaver release 7.40.

Known Issue with Fiori Launchpad

In older versions, the JavaScript Agent prevents Fiori Launchpad to be loaded correctly when XHR request monitoring is enabled. This is resolved as of version 4.5.17.

Following are the available workarounds:

  1. Exclude the XHR calls from monitoring either by entering value .* into the XHR Exclusion Pattern field in the SAPUI5 settings.
  2. Use the following code in the custom snippet:
(function(xhr) {
        xhr.exclude = {
            urls: [{
 				pattern: ".*"
    })(config.xhr || (config.xhr = {}));

See Filter XHR Calls by URLs.

Limitation for WebDynpro applications

WebDynpro applications started via the Internet Explorer run in compatibility mode, which causes newer versions of the JavaScript Agent to end with syntax errors when trying to instrument the source code.

The latest compatible JavaScript Agent version is adrum- Specify this version in the settings if you use the Internet Explorer for WebDynpro applications.