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With Network Visibility, you can 

Application Intelligence and Network Visibility

Network Visibility extends the application intelligence of AppDynamics APM down the stack from the application to the network. With "app-only" visibility, it can be easy to mistakenly blame (or not blame) the network when an application issue arises. Network Visibility eliminates the guesswork involved in identifying root causes. Network Agents and App Agents, working together, automate the work of mapping TCP connections to the application flows that use them. Network Agents can identify intermediate load balancers (which often split TCP connections) and correlate the connections on either side of these devices. 

The agent-based approach of Network Visibility has the following advantages over standard approaches to network monitoring:

Drilling Down to the Root Cause

If network issues are affecting your application, Network Visibility makes it easy to find the "needle in the haystack:" 

Network Visibility Metrics

Network Visibility collects and displays the following types of metrics:

Network Visibility for Multiple App Nodes on the same Server

Network agents can monitor multiple nodes that are associated with the same IP address because they run on the same physical or virtual server. The agent monitors each node individually and calculates network metrics for each node. These metrics are based on the ingress/egress traffic for each individual node, not aggregate traffic for the IP address of the host on which the node is running. See Multi-Tenant Install.

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