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Standalone Machine Agent Settings for Docker Visibility

You can configure the following Docker Visibility settings on the Standalone Machine Agent.




The Machine Agent can monitor up to 120 running containers (depending on the pool size configuration, described below) and does not prioritize. The agent collects metrics from containers that run with a configurable regex. By default, this regex matches processes that are are running with the -Dappdynamics prefix option. If you cannot restart the APM agents, or if you to want to filter APM agents based on another command-line argument, you can override this behavior by editing this regex.

Default = ".*[ ]-Dappdynamics.*"

You can configure this option in the following file: <machine-agent-home>/extensions/DockerMonitoring/conf/DockerMonitoring.yml

Before you edit this file, please review "Editing YML Files: Important Notes" in Machine Agent Settings for Server Visibility.

Docker Metric Collector Pool Size

The Standalone Machine Agent can monitor up to 15 containers by default. You can configure the agent to monitor up to 120 containers at the same time: set the pool size to 5 (the default setting is 3). The trade-off is that increasing the pool size will consume more resources on the agent host. 
To change the pool size, set the following. You cannot change this setting in the DockerMonitoring.yml file.

  • System Property - appdynamics.docker.metric.collector.pool.size

(New in 4.4.3) cgroup Enabled

The Standalone Machine Agent can collect Memory and CPU metrics for Docker containers using cgroup data. This method is much faster than using the Docker API (the default metric-collection method). You can enable cgroup metric collection on all platforms except Amazon Linux OS.

This mode is disabled by default. To enable cgroup metric collection, run the agent with the following command-line option set to true:

java -Dappdynamics.docker.container.collection.cgroup.enabled=true  -jar machineagent.jar

Controller Settings for Docker Visibility



Enable the Docker Monitoring feature.true


Global limit for the number of containers to monitor per machine. You can specify this in the Administration Console as a Controller setting (all accounts) or as an Account setting for individual accounts. 120 is the maximum limit you can specify.15


Reuse SIM Machine entities to handle ephemeral environment. Support is limited to docker container machines for now.

If set to false, every new container will be considered a new machine.



Mark the APM nodes as historical when a container running an app agent is stopped.true