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Synthetic Private Agents enable you to monitor internal websites or services that aren't visible to the public Internet. You can also use Synthetic Private Agents to test from specific facilities on your network. For example, a bank might install a Synthetic Private Agent in each branch to monitor whether that branch can access the bank's applications.

The Synthetic Private Agent is a software package that you can install on Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2012 R2. After installation, the Synthetic Private Agent connects to the Synthetic Server (on-premises or SaaS) and registers under your EUM account. Once this is done, you can configure synthetic jobs to run in your Synthetic Private Agent location.


When using the Synthetic Private Agent, you will encounter the following limitations in the Controller UI:

Compatibility with 4.3 Controllers

Although you can use the Synthetic Private Agent with 4.3 Controllers, it is recommended that you upgrade to the 4.4 to avoid the following known issues seen in 4.3 Controllers:

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