This page discusses how to set the current domain in the JavaScript Agent cookie. 

The JavaScript Agent itself writes a session cookie to the page, for timing purposes. This cookie is set when the user clicks a link and the unload event is fired. By default, the cookie is set to the broadest possible version of the originating domain (e.g., * to increase the likelihood that the next page opened in the same domain can access that cookie. For more on how Browser Monitoring uses cookies, see More on Cookies and Browser Monitoring Data.

In some cases, however, it may be necessary to limit the cookie to the full exact domain name. To do this, add a flag in the "adrum-start-time" script to the header of each page right after the <head> tag and before the entry that includes the location of the agent (adrum.js). The flag should read: window["adrum-use-strict-domain-cookies"] = true.

After you include the start-time line, the strict domain flag, and the agent, the <head> section in your monitored web pages should look something like this:

    <script type='text/javascript' charset='UTF-8'>>
        window["adrum-start-time"] = new Date().getTime();
        window["adrum-use-strict-domain-cookies"] = true;
    <script src='//' type='text/javascript' charset='UTF-8'></script>