This page describes how to check version information and the version of bundled components. This information is useful when troubleshooting the system or performing other administrative tasks. 

Important: AppDynamics maintains and updates the bundled components as part of the AppDynamics Platform. Do not attempt to upgrade a bundled component independently of the platform upgrade procedure.

Controller Version

You can retrieve the Controller version in two ways:

  1. From the AppDynamics UI:
    1. Click the Settings gear () icon.
    2. Select About AppDynamics. 
    3. Note the Controller build number.
  2. From the command line of the Controller machine:
    1. Access the README.txt file located in the Controller home directory.  

Bundled Glassfish Server Version

The Glassfish server is installed in <controller_home>/appserver.

The Glassfish server version is Glassfish 4.1.1.

Bundled MySQL Database Version

The AppDynamics Controller uses MySQL as its default database, where it stores configuration data, metrics data, transaction snapshot data and events, and the history of incidents that occurred (both resolved and unresolved incidents are stored). The MySQL database files are installed in <controller_home>/db by default.

The latest AppDynamics release bundles MySQL version 5.7.28.

Check MySQL Version

To check what your MySQL version is in your Controller, you can run the following command:

<controller_home>/bin/ login-db
select version();

Upgrade MySQL Version

Optionally, after you install or upgrade the Controller, you can upgrade the MySQL version with the Enterprise Console. Note that you cannot reverse this process.

A newly installed 4.5 Controller packages and uses MySQL 5.7. However, a Controller that is upgraded to 4.5 from a previous version where MySQL 5.5 is used, will also use version 5.5.

You can upgrade the MySQL version on the Controller page in the GUI or with the following command:

bin/ submit-job --job mysql-upgrade --service controller --args newDatabaseRootPassword=<database root password>
bin/platform-admin.exe cli submit-job --job mysql-upgrade --service controller --args newDatabaseRootPassword=<database root password>

Bundled Java Version

The Controller bundles and uses Java 1.8.0_162. 

Enterprise Console Version

Run the command in the <Enterprise Console installation directory>/platform-admin to check the version:

bin/ show-platform-admin-version
bin\platform-admin.exe cli show-platform-admin-version

Other Component Versions

See Legal Notices for a complete list of the latest components that are included in the AppDynamics products and modules.