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If you are having trouble setting up the Universal Agent, there are a few things to take a look at, as described in this topic.

About Universal Agent Troubleshooting

The Universal Agent log files can help you troubleshoot your Universal Agent configuration. These logs provide detailed information on the activities of the Universal Agent itself, but for a complete picture of the setup, they may not be the only resource you rely upon. Since the JVM has its own log context, you may need to check its logs to analyze unexpected behavior or results.

Troubleshooting Workflow

The general recommended workflow for troubleshooting Universal Agent setup issues is the following: 

  1. Missing or incorrect connection settings are a common agent misconfiguration issue. Check the rulebooks applied by the Universal Agent to make sure that the connection settings are correct. Verify the account name and key, along with the controller host and port.  
  2. Check the Universal Agent log file. The log files are located in the log directory for the monitor. This log file may be in one of the following locations:

    1. If the runtime_directory attribute is not specified in the Java Agent rule:

    2. If the runtime_directory attribute is specified in the Java Agent rule: 
      Where the exact location of runtime_directory is defined by the rule attribute.  

  3. Enrich the JVM log with Universal Agent logging by setting the following environmental variable in the JVM environment. Note that this requires a restart of the JVM: 

    export APPDYNAMICS_UA_DEBUG=true