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The Universal Agent can download, install, configure, and deploy the Network Agent. The Universal Agent uses a rulebook to determine which version of the Network Agent should be installed and deployed. You need to define and configure the Network Agent rule in the Universal Agent rulebook.

Define Network Agent Rules

The Network Agent is currently supported only on Linux. Therefore, Universal Agent support only works when running on a Linux machine. Installing the Network Agent using the Universal Agent requires elevated privileges for some commands. See Permissions for Running the Universal Agent for details.

A monitor value of network identifies a Network Agent rule.

Valid values for the Network Agent rule's state property are:

Add to the Source Repository

When you place the Network Agent in the source repository, the installation distribution must have the following format:


Network Agent Syntax

Network Agent rulebook is similar to the following.

    "name": "network",
    "comments": "Example Network Agent rulebook",
    "config": {
    "rules": [
            "name": "Network Agent rule",
            "comments": "Install and start the Network Agent",
            "monitor": "network",
            "condition": "True",
            "config": {
                "version": "",
                "state": "started"