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The Network Requests list shows all the network requests types from your instrumented mobile application, along with their key performance indicators.

How the Network Requests List is Organized

The Network Requests list is a table that displays aggregated metrics for current requests, with one row for each request type. The columns display the name of the network request and the aggregated metrics associated with it. See Mobile RUM Metrics for descriptions of these metrics.  

Click a column header to sort the list based on the column's metric. For example, if you want to sort by the slowest requests, click the Network Request Time (ms) column header. You can toggle the column to switch between ascending and descending order. Use View Options to configure the table. Check With Load if you want to show only network request types that have experienced active load, that is, those for which there were one or more measured network requests over the selected time period..

To view a network request dashboard

  1. Select the network request type in the list.
  2. Either click Details or just double-click the network request.

More Actions Menu

Use the More Actions menu to select one or more requests in the list and perform the following actions on them.