Instrumentation Configuration Models

Depending on the setting type, instrumentation settings adhere to one of the following configuration models: scope configuration or hierarchical inheritance. The scope configuration model reduces the number of steps it takes to apply transaction detection rules to multiple tiers.

Scope Configuration Model

Under the scope configuration model, you can apply settings to groups of tiers, in addition to individual tiers and nodes. Groups of tiers are called scopes. Only transaction detection settings for new applications adhere to the scope model.

Hierarchical Inheritance Model

Under the hierarchical inheritance model, you can apply settings to tiers or nodes. The following settings adhere to the hierarchical model:

Live Preview Mode

You can interactively experiment with transaction detection rule configurations using Live Preview. Live Preview streams data from an active node, providing real-time data for the following configurations:

The following limits apply to Live Preview: 

Programmatic Expressions

You can specify the following types of programmatic expressions when configuring detection rules: