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The GlassFish application server versions 3.x and later uses OSGi architecture. By default, OSGi containers follow a specific model for bootstrap class delegation. Classes that are not specified in the container's CLASSPATH are not delegated to the bootstrap classloader; therefore you must configure the OSGi containers for the classes.

For more information, see GlassFish OSGi Configuration per Domain.

To ensure that the OSGi container identifies the , specify the following package prefix:


This prefix follows the regular boot delegation model so that the  classes are visible.

If you already have existing boot delegations, add "com.singularity.*" to the existing path separated by a comma. For example:

org.osgi.framework.bootdelegation=com.sun.btrace., com.singularity.

Configure Eclipse Equinox

If running Eclipse Equinox under Glassfish:

  1. Open the config.ini file located at <glassfish install directory>/glassfish/osgi/equinox/configuration.
  2. Add the following package prefix to the config.ini file:


If running Eclipse Equinox under the WebSphere Application Server Liberty profile:

  1. Open the bootstrap.properties file in the JVM directory <WLP_home>/usr/servers/<server_name> for editing.
  2. Add the following line:


For more information see Getting Started with Equinox.

Configure Apache Sling

  1. Open the sling.properties file. The location of the sling.properties varies depending on the Java platform.
    In the Sun/Oracle implementation, the sling.properties file is located at <java.home>/lib. 
  2. Add following package prefix to the sling.properties file:


Configure JIRA or Confluence

For JIRA 5.1.8 and newer and Confluence 5.3 and newer:

  1. Open the startup script (i.e., catalina.sh) for editing.  

  2. Look for the start command block (look for "elif [ "$1" = "start" ] ; then") 

  3. Add the following Java system property alongside the existing properties in both else blocks:

  4. Add the property to the run command block as well to instrument the application started in run mode. For example: 


  5. Add the Java Agent location as a new Java option:You can add the Java option in the file just before the comment line "Execute The Requested Command".
  6. Restart the application.

Configure Other OSGi-based Containers

For other OSGI-based runtime containers, add the following package prefix to the appropriate OSGi configuration.