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To enable the AppDynamics Java Agent add the javaagent command line option to the WebLogic startup file. If you start and stop clustered WebLogic servers using Node Manager, configure server startup in the WebLogic Server Administration Console.

Instrument Oracle WebLogic for Windows

  1. Open the startWebLogic.cmd file, located at <weblogic_version_install_dir>\user_projects\domains\<domain_name>\bin.
  2. Add following javaagent argument to the application server start script. 

    set JAVA_OPTIONS=% JAVA_OPTIONS% -javaagent:"<drive>:\<agent_home>\javaagent.jar"
  3. Restart the application server. The application server must be restarted for the changes to take effect.

Instrument Oracle WebLogic for an Application Running as a Windows Service

Some applications have a pre-compiled startup method that installs WebLogic as a Windows service. Follow these steps to add the agent to the service.

  1. Open the script file that starts the application service, such as install_XXXX_Server_Start_Win_Service.cmd.
  2. Add the javaagent command before the line starting with "set CMDLINE=%JAVA_VM%..." such as

    set WLS_DISPLAY_MODE=Production
    @REM Enable the AppDynamics Java Agent
    set JAVA_OPTIONS=% JAVA_OPTIONS% -javaagent:"<drive>:\<agent_home>\javaagent.jar"
    @REM AppDynamics Agent END
    set CMDLINE=%JAVA_VM% %MEM_ARGS% -classpath %CLASSPATH% %JAVA_OPTIONS% weblogic.Server"
  3. Open a command propmt and run the following script to remove the existing Windows Service for your application:  

    install_XXXXX_Server_Start_Win_Service.cmd  XXXXX_xxxxx_Production_Server  R
  4. Install the updated Windows Service for your application:

    install_XXXXX_Server_Start_Win_Service.cmd  XXXXX_xxxx_Production_Server  I
  5. From the WebLogic web console, stop your application.
  6. Start your application (which also starts WebLogic) from the Windows Services application, where the Windows service name = XXXXX_xxxx_Production_Server.
  7. Ensure that your application is working properly.

For more information, see Creating a Server-Specific Script in the Oracle documentation.

Instrument Oracle WebLogic for Linux

  1. Edit startWebLogic.sh located at <weblogic_<version#>_install_dir>/user_projects/domains/<domain_name>/bin/startWebLogic.sh .
  2. Add the following to the beginning of your application server start script:

    export JAVA_OPTIONS="$JAVA_OPTIONS -javaagent:/agent_home/javaagent.jar"
  3.  Restart the application server to have the change take effect.

Instrument Clustered WebLogic Servers

For clustered WebLogic servers you start and stop using Node Manager, configure server startup in the WebLogic Server Administration Console.

  1. Open the WebLogic Server Administration Console. See Overview of the Administration Console.
  2. Navigate to Environment > Servers and click your server in the Server List.
  3. Click the Server Start tab.
  4. Add the javaagent argument and set the value to the path to the Java Agent:


  5. Restart the application server.

Java 2 Security Configuration

If you have enabled Java 2 security on your WebLogic server, you need to add the following code block to the weblogic.policy file:

grant codeBase "file:/<agent_home>/-"
{ permission java.security.AllPermission; };