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Many times the root cause of application issues is most obvious by looking at application, server, and machine metrics that measure infrastructure utilization. For example, the following infrastructure issues can slow down your application:

Infrastructure Visibility enables you to isolate, identify, and troubleshoot these types of issues. Infrastructure Visibility is based on a machine agent that runs with an app server agent on the same machine. These two agents provide multi-layer monitoring as follows:

  1. The app server agent collects metrics about applications and identifies applications, tiers, and nodes with slow transactions, stalled transactions, and other application-performance issues.
  2. The machine agent collects metrics at two levels:
    1. Server Visibility metrics about local processes, services, and resource utilization.
    2. Basic machine metrics about disks, memory, CPU, and network interfaces. 

This multi-layer monitoring enables you to find possible correlations between application issues and service, process, hardware, netweork, or other issues on the machine.


Server Visibility Metrics

Server Visibility monitors local processes, services, and resource utilization. You can use these metrics to identify time windows when problematic application performance correlates with problematic server performance on one or more nodes.

Server Visibility is a an add-on module to the Standalone Machine Agent. With Server Visibility enabled, the machine agent provides the following additional functionality:

Basic Machine Metrics

The Standalone Machine Agent collects basic hardware metrics from the server's OS. This agent provides the following functionality:

Java and .NET Infrastructure Monitoring

Infrastructure Visibility uses different agents to monitor Java and .NET environments:

Java Monitoring.NET Monitoring

Infrastructure Visibility Strategies

You can use the following strategies to find infrastructure issues that affect application performance:

With the right monitoring strategy in place, you can be alerted to problems and fix them before user transactions are affected.