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A cloud computing workflow is a workflow that interacts with cloud-based machines, typically by creating, removing or configuring them. 

Supported Compute Clouds

In order to create workflows that allow the automatic creation and deletion of cloud-based instances in response to load, the AppDynamics controller must have access to a cloud-provider-specific cloud connector extension. The AppDynamics Community provides many of these cloud connector extensions. You can download supported cloud connector extensions from the AppDynamics Exchange.

Instructions for installing the connector appears on its download page. 

Set Up Overview

Before you can create a workflow for cloud orchestration, you need to set up your cloud-specific components:

  1. Sign up for an account with a supported cloud services provider. You will need to use the credentials you are given to register your provider in AppDynamics, so that it can act on your behalf. You must also set up your account with images of the entities you want to be able to launch in the cloud, for example, AMIs for AWS.
  2. Deploy a cloud connector on the Controller so that AppDynamics can interact with your cloud provider. 
  3. After restarting the Controller, you can select the registered cloud as an option in the Select a Compute Cloud menu when creating a workflow. 
  4. Register the Compute Cloud, providing credentials for AppDynamics to use to access administrative functions in the cloud.  
  5. Define the kinds of machines you want to be available to use in your workflows—for example, the format, OS, and instance type—depending on the cloud type you are working on. Configure the images you want to be able to launch in the cloud. Once they are set up, the images appear in the Select an Image menu used for creating a workflow. See Machine Images and Instances

Deploy the Cloud Connector

You need to deploy a cloud connector to provide an interface between AppDynamics and your cloud provider. If there is no existing connector for your cloud provider, you can create your own. See Custom Cloud Connectors

For SaaS Controller Users

Contact your AppDynamics representative. The connector will be deployed for you.

For On-Premises Controller Users

  1. Open the AppDynamics Exchange on the AppDynamics Community:

  2. Under the Categories column on the left side, select Cloud Connector. The connectors appear in the right column.

  3. To see instructions for installing the connector, click the name of the connector in which you are interested, or simply click Download.

  4. Unzip the downloaded file into the <controller_home>/lib/connectors directory of your Controller instance.

  5. Restart the Controller to have the Controller pick up the new connector.

Register a Compute Cloud

AppDynamics needs to have the credentials for your cloud provider account. Register the compute cloud as follows:

  1. Click Cloud Auto-Scaling from the top menu and then Compute Clouds.
  2. Click Register Compute Cloud.
  3. Enter a name and description of the compute cloud instance, and choose the type of cloud from the list of connectors available to the Controller. 
  4. Enter the account credentials that are specific to the cloud provider. These typically include an identifier or name, the access key and the secret access key.

Go on to select your preferred machine images on Machine Images and Instances