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The AppDynamics Controller uses licensing to determine the features that are available in an AppDynamics deployment and the scale of the deployment.

AppDynamics Licenses come in several forms. The Pro Trial license is a time-limited version of the AppDynamics Pro license. When a trial ends, the license converts to a Lite license, as described in Lite and Pro Editions.

Viewing the License 

If you are logged in as a user with account-level permissions, you can view your license information in the Controller UI. From the Settings menu, accessible by clicking the gear icon, click License.

The Account section at the top of the page shows the name of the account in the Controller, the type of license (for example, AppDynamics Pro), access key, and expiration date. You'll need the account access key and, for multi-tenant controllers and the AppDynamics SaaS controller, the account name (Name) to configure agents to connect to the Controller.

The other sections on the page show the number of license units you have available in the Controller by AppDynamics product module, as described in the following section.   

About License Units

You can see the number of license units available to you for each product module in the license page in the Controller. For information about how license units are defined for each product module, see http://www.appdynamics.com/pricing/

For agent-based license units (such as APM, database monitoring, and server monitoring), licenses are allocated to the first agents that register with the Controller up to the licensed limit. If licensed for five agents, therefore, the first five agents that connect to the Controller are licensed. 

Agent licenses are not bound to a particular machine or application. Therefore, a transfer of an agent-based license can be done simply by shutting down the application that runs the licensed agent (uninstalling the agent if the application will need to be restarted) and starting up the new application with the newly installed agent. Once the agent disconnects, a license unit is freed for the second agent.  

To transfer a license for the database agent to another database, you simply remove the collector for a database and then add a new collector for the database you want to monitor instead. 

Applying a License

The license that applies to an AppDynamics deployment resides at the Controller. You do not need to install a license with other components of the deployment, such as on the agents or with the on-premise EUM Server, for example. 

For AppDynamics Pro trial installations and SaaS Controllers, the license is applied and installed automatically. You do not need to install it yourself. 

For information on installing a license for an on-premise Controller manually, see Install the Controller.

(info) If you are updating Application Analytics licenses in an on-prem environment, you may have to do some of the update manually, once you have updated your Controller license.  See Application Analytics Licenses for more information.