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Features Overview
Logical Model

Quick Start for Developers
Quick Start for Operators
Quick Start for Administrators
Quick Start for Architects

Tutorials for Java

Use AppDynamics for the First Time with Java
Understanding Events
Understanding Flow Maps
Understanding Slow Transactions
Understanding the Transaction Scorecard
Understanding Server Health
Understanding Exceptions

Monitor and Troubleshoot

Best Practices for Developers

Monitor Your Applications

Monitor Business Transactions
Web End User Experience Monitoring
Mobile Application Performance Monitoring
Monitor Events
Monitor Application Change Events
Background Task Monitoring
Health Rules

Troubleshoot Application Performance

Troubleshoot Slow Response Times
Troubleshoot Health Rule Violations
Transaction Snapshots
Troubleshoot Node Problems
Troubleshoot Errors
See Detailed Data Using Diagnostic Sessions
Troubleshoot Java Memory Issues


Business Metrics
Infrastructure Metrics
Compare Metrics For Different Time Periods


Basic Administration

Platform Release Notes
Supported Environments and Versions
Install and Upgrade
Name Business Applications, Tiers, and Nodes

Advanced Administration

AppDynamics for Large Enterprises
Best Practices for Failover Scenarios for Java
Administer Agents
Administer the Controller
User Authentication and Permissions


Logical Model
Mapping Application Services to the AppDynamics Model
Detect Anomalies Using Dynamic Baselines
AppDynamics for Large Enterprises


Basic Configuration

Hierarchical Configuration Model
Configure Business Transaction Detection
Configure Policies
Configure Baselines
Configure Thresholds
Configure Error Detection
Set Up and Configure Web EUEM
Getting Started Wizard for Alerts
Visualize Performance Using Custom Dashboards

Advanced Configuration

Configure Data Collectors
Configure Business Metric Information Points
Configure Code Metric Information Points
Configure Custom Exit Points
Configure Call Graphs
Configure Background Tasks
Remove Stale Backends
Configure and Use Custom Memory Structures for Java
Configure JMX Metrics from MBeans
Configure Multi-Threaded Transactions for Java
Configure and Use Object Instance Tracking for Java
Configure Transaction Snapshots
Configure Memory Monitoring for Java
Build an Alerting Extension
Export and Import Business Application Configurations


Extensions and Integrations
Use the AppDynamics REST API


Workflow Overview
Cloud Computing Workflows


Controller UI Guide

Transaction Analysis Tab
Flow Maps
Time Ranges
Call Graphs
KPI Graphs


Controller Install and Admin FAQ
Machine Agent Install and Admin FAQ

AppDynamics Support

Controller Dump Files
Controller Log Files for Troubleshooting
Download Doc PDFs
Use the Documentation Wiki