This page addresses agent to Controller communications.

Agent to Controller Interactions

Each AppDynamics agent has multiple communication channels for different purposes that initiate connections to the Controller independently at different time intervals.

Agent Behavior When the Controller is Not Reachable

The Controller may become unreachable when there are network problems, agent errors or when the Controller server is down for a variety of reasons.

If the Controller is unreachable for one minute:


If the Controller becomes reachable in the following minute or two:

If the Controller is not reachable after three failed attempts that are one minute apart:

If the Controller is not reachable after five minutes:

If the connection is later successful and the agent and is able to download its full configuration and a license:


What Happens When you Disable an Agent from the Controller UI?

  • business transaction interceptors are disabled and no transaction metrics, snapshots or events are collected.
  • The agent continues to collect periodic JMX and Windows performance counter metrics.
  • The agent continues to be registered with the Controller and continues to consume a license. The only way to free up a license is to restart the app server without the agent, removing the agent from the JVM.

See Enabling and Disabling App Agents.