About Custom Metrics

You can supplement the existing metrics in the AppDynamics Controller UI with your own custom metrics. Like built-in metrics, your custom metrics are subject to the following AppDynamics features:  

To create custom metrics, you create a monitoring extension. In your extension, you define the name and path of your metric (where it appears in the metric browser tree), what type of metric it is (sum, average, and so on), and how the data for the metric should be rolled up as it ages.

A custom metric can be common across nodes or associated with a specific tier. When you create a metric, you specify the path in which it will appear in the metric tree. To make a common custom metric, use the root tree path Custom Metrics in your metric declaration. To make a tier-specific metric, specify the metric path associated with that component. For details, see the topics on creating Java or Script-based custom metrics listed below.   

Type of Monitoring Extensions

You can implement custom metrics using the following mechanisms.