AppDynamics Automation and Cloud Auto-Scaling

"Cloud Auto Scaling using AppDynamics"

by Pranta Das

AppDynamics Pro allows you to set up workflows to automate commonly used tasks, like running scripts and making configuration changes that may require several steps to complete.  It also gives you a mechanism to trigger automatic cloud-based scaling, creating and deleting instances in the cloud in response to load or other metrics.  

To show general automation and cloud-scaling features in the UI

Automation and cloud features in the AppDynamics UI are hidden by default. To show the automation features:

1. In the upper right menu bar click the User icon -> My Preferences.

2. In the Advanced Features panel check Show Cloud Auto-Scaling features.
The main Cloud Auto-Scaling menu displays in the lower part of the left navigation bar, and Alert & Respond->Cloud Auto-Scaling also displays. These give you access to cloud-scaling features and workflow creation.

You can access the automation functionality in two places, based on the granularity of your use.

To get an overview of workflow creation, see Workflow Overview.

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