Checking the Controller Version

In the AppDynamics UI, you can see the version of the Controller from the About AppDynamics dialog box, as follows. 

To determine the version of the Controller

  1. Launch the AppDynamics UI in a browser.
  2. Click Help -> About AppDynamics.

On the Controller machine, you can get the version of the Controller by reading the README.txt file located in the Controller home directory.  

Bundled Component Versions

The Controller relies on bundled infrastructure components for functions such as data storage. This page lists the version numbers of key components bundled with the current version of the Controller. While you normally do not need to be concerned about the infrastructure bundled with the Controller, it may be useful when troubleshooting environment issues.

Glassfish Server

The Glassfish server is installed in <Controller_Installation_Directory>/appserver.

The Glassfish server version bundled with the 3.8 Controller is Glassfish

MySQL Database

The AppDynamics Controller uses MySQL as its default database. It uses MySQL to store information about:

The MySQL database is installed in <Controller_Installation_Directory>/db.

The MySQL version bundled with the 3.8.0 Controller is MySQL 5.5.16. Controller 3.8.1 and later bundle MySQL 5.5.37.

Java Version

The Controller bundles and uses Java 1.7. 

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