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CURRENT (v. 6) Sep 05, 2019 21:46 Ondine Kilker
v. 5 Sep 05, 2019 19:52 Ondine Kilker
v. 4 Sep 05, 2019 19:50 Ondine Kilker
v. 3 Sep 05, 2019 16:59 Ondine Kilker
v. 2 Sep 05, 2019 16:44 Ondine Kilker:
(Adding a note about spaces and special characters. Need confirmation on: Hi Steve, Good morning! Quick question: Empty spaces and special characters are not allowed in the Machine Agent home directory. If the Machine Agent doesn’t startup, you might need to investigate if it contains spaces or special characters. :arrow_up: Are we saying in the Machine Agent home directory path or name? (or both) Are we saying this is also true for all items in the directory?)
v. 1 Feb 17, 2018 18:54 Steve Hetland

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