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You configure Experience Level Management (XLM) by specifying the events, compliance targets, and any exclusion periods when no data should be collected. You can optionally choose to treat events with errors as critical failures. See Treat Errors as Critical Failures.

To configure your XLM report
  1. From the Controller UI, access Analytics > Experience Levels.

  2. In the Properties section, uniquely name your XLM report and select the event type, and any filters necessary to select and categorize the data that you want to evaluate. The filters populate after you have selected the event type.

  3. Select the field and target value to be used for compliance monitoring and specify the daily target thresholds, report start date, and reporting period. You can not enter a date in the past.
  4. (Optional) Select Treat Errors as Critical Failures.
  5. (Optional)  If needed, define exclusion periods to specify maintenance timeframes or other times that you don't want data collected. Exclusion periods are specified in the local time zone.
  6. Save the configuration. Data is collected and compliance is calculated in an automatic job that runs twice per day.

Treat Errors as Critical Failures

You can optionally choose to treat events with errors as critical failures. Using this option, when an event meets the compliance target but has a user experience status of Error, it can be classified as a critical failure rather than potentially compliant with the target threshold. This option can be useful if an event might render as a false positive in meeting the compliance target when the event actually had an error.  For example: A compliance target for Response Time is defined as less than 2000 ms. An event with a response time of 100 ms finished quickly because of an error. You can opt to count this event as a critical failure. This option only works for event types that contain a user experience field:

  • Transaction Events – userExperience
  • Browser Records – pageexperience
  • Mobile Snapshots (Network Requests) – networkrequestexperience
  • Browser Sessions – pageexperience
  • Mobile Sessions – networkrequest.networkrequestexperience
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