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This page shows you how to make configurations to enable CSP, so your application is compatible with Browser RUM.

Directives Required for CSP

To enable CSP for instrumented applications, you add the following required directives in the Content-Security-Policy header:

In certain cases, you are also required to use the following directives:


The  script-src directive specifies the location of adrum-ext.js. By default, adrum-ext.js is loaded from our content delivery network (CDN) at cdn.appdynamics.com. The example below shows how you might use the script-src directive.

script-src cdn.appdynamics.com;

To measure first-byte time accurately, we ask customers to include the following line at the top of pages:

window["adrum-start-time"] = new Date().getTime();

For this line to be read, you also need to set the script-src directive to 'unsafe-inline' as shown here:

script-src 'unsafe-inline'; 


The connect-src directive specifies the location where beacons are sent. If you are using the SaaS-based EUM, you might use something like the following:


connect-src col.eum-appdynamics.com;

If you are using on-prem EUM, you would have connect-src point to your EUM Server.


For cross-domain sessions, we load adrum-xd.html into an iframe. By default, this is loaded from our CDN, so you need to have child-src specify a CDN as shown below.

child-src cdn.appdynamics.com;


If adrum-xd.html is hosted locally, you would use the frame-ancestors directives in the following way:

frame-ancestors /path/to/adrum-xd.html;


In older browsers, we send our beacons as image beacons. Although older browsers don't support CSP, you can configure the JavaScript Agent to always send image beacons. You do this using img-src directive to specify the beacon location as shown in the example below.

img-src col.eum-appdynamics.com;

Example Content-Security-Policy Header 

The following Content-Security-Policy header loads the adrum files from our CDN and then sends beacons to our SaaS-based EUM.

Content-Security-Policy: connect-src 'self' col.eum-appdynamics.com; script-src 'unsafe-inline' cdn.appdynamics.com; img-src cdn.appdynamics.com; child-src cdn.appdynamics.com

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