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The Apache Agent depends on libstdc++6. Some servers, primarily IHS and OHS, have modules built with This conflict can prevent Apache from starting successfully.

Check for libstdc++5 Dependencies

If you do not know if your web server has dependencies, find out as follows:

  1. Change directory to your web server’s modules directory.
  2. Run this command:

    ldd *.so 2>&1 | grep -v 'execution permission' | grep ''
  3. If this command returns any results (for example, " => /lib64/”), your server has a dependency on

Resolution Overview

To avoid libstdc++5 conflicts, you need to force libstdc++6 to load before libstdc++5 when Apache is started. The general steps for performing this configuration are: 

  1. Identify the paths to
  2. Determine the correct path for your installation. 
  3. Use LD_PRELOAD environment variable to have libstdc++6 preloaded.

These steps are detailed in the following sections.

Identify the Paths to

From a command prompt, run:

ldconfig -p | grep

This will return one of more paths. For example, something like:


Determine the Correct Path for the Installation

If more than one path is returned, determine which is the correct path for your Apache Server installation.

If you are running a 64-bit operating system, but a 32-bit version of IHS or OHS, choose the 32-bit version, which in our example would be:


Add the Export LD_PRELOAD Command

Open the envvars** file, which is located in the /bin directory of your IHS or OHS installation. Add the following line, using the path to the path that you determined in the previous step.

export LD_PRELOAD=<>

This will cause to be loaded before, and the conflict will be averted.


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