Starting in release 4.3, the following Health Rule is disabled: 

Disk Usage is too high on at least one partition

This change affects customers using Server Visibility (formerly called Server Monitoring) who have this rule enabled. You can think of this as a "wildcard Health Rule" because it is applied to all servers and to all volumes/disks on each server. 

Affected Software

This rule is enabled by default in 4.2.x and disabled by default in 4.3 and higher. 


Depending on the number of servers being monitored and the number of volumes/disks present in each server, this wildcard Health Rule could lead to increased controller memory usage and longer than normal Health Rule(s) evaluation times.


Customers are requested to disable this Health Rule (under the Server Visibility tab) if it is currently enabled.

If this wildcard Health Rule is critical for your environment, we recommend that you not use it. Instead we request you to create your own custom Health Rules and apply specific rules for specific volumes on specific servers.


This functionality is disabled in the latest Controller software

Customers who upgrade their controller to the latest version will find that this Health Rule is disabled after the upgrade.

If you do a fresh install of the latest controller software, this Health Rule will be disabled by default.

Customers wanting to re-enable this Health Rule, should consider the performance and memory implications mentioned above.

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