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You can install, maintain, and run Standalone Machine Agents with the AppDynamics Universal Agent, as described in this topic. 

About Standalone Machine Agent Rules

A rule with a monitor value of "machine" distinguishes a rule as a Machine Agent rule. 

The state for a machine rule can be either installed or started. The started state both installs the agent (if not installed yet) and starts it.

The "sim_enabled" property enables Server Visibility for the machine agent. When a value is not specified in the rule, the value defaults to "true".  See Server Visibility for details on licensing and functionality.

The other rule fields for a Machine Agent, such as name, comments, have the same meaning as for other agent types. For an overview of those rule configuration fields, see Universal Agent Rulebooks.  

Sample Standalone Machine Agent Rule

The following shows an example of a Machine Agent rule:

    "name": "default-controller",
    "comments": "An example rule book with a rule to start a machine monitor",
    "config": {
    "rules": [
            "config": {
                "state": "started",
                "version": ""
                "sim_enabled": <"true" or "false">
            "monitor": "machine",
            "comments": "This is a Machine rule",
            "condition": "True",
            "name": "Machine monitor"
            "name": "Universal Agent rule",
            "comments": "Universal Agent rule",
            "monitor": "universal",
            "config": {
                "version": "",
                "state": "started"
            "condition": "True"

The "Machine monitor" rule specifies the configuration for a Machine Agent on this host. The rule includes the common elements for monitors, such as the comments, condition, and name.


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