This page applies to an earlier version of the AppDynamics App IQ Platform.
For the latest documentation, see the 4.5 Documentation.

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In terms of monitoring, an "event" is a change in application state in the managed environment that may require attentionAppDynamics reports events for an application in the application Events List.

To access the application events list, select the Events tab in the application dashboard. Learn more about a specific event by selecting it from the list and viewing its details. The events that occurred within the period indicated by the time range dropdown menu appear in the events list. 

AppDynamics also reports events for business transactions, tiers, and nodes. You can view these events in the Events tab of the business transaction, tier or node dashboards.

A large number of internal events are part of the normal data flow within AppDynamics and are not surfaced through these events lists in the UI. They can, however, be fetched via the REST API. A subset of these events provide an indication that something has happened that may require your attention. The events of this subset are automatically surfaced in the UI and are what is meant by "events" as discussed in this topic. All the events are listed in the Events Reference.

You can use policies to automate appropriate actions for events that you specify. You can create scheduled email digests to notify recipients when specific events occur. See Alert and Respond.

Archiving Events

Normally events are purged after a configurable time; by default, this is two weeks. To save an event beyond the normal snapshot lifespan – for example, if you want to make sure an event associated with a particular problem is retained for future analysis, archive the event.  

Customers with on-premise controllers can modify the default two-week period by configuring the events.retention.period property in the Controller Settings section of the Administration console. 

To archive an event
  1. Display the Events list.
  2. Select one or more events.
  3. Right-click the event or use More Actions to see the Archive option.
To view archived events in the Events list

Sort on the far right column. All archived events are displayed together. When you view your Events list, a small icon in the far right column indicates that an event has been archived. 

Start a Virtual War Room from Events

You can start a Virtual War Room from the events list in two ways:

  • Select an event and use the Start War Room option from the More Actions menu
  • Select an event in the events list and right-click to see the Start War Room option: