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As an alternative to using system properties or controller-info.xml to configure the application name, tier name, and so on, you can configure the agent based on environment variables. Environment variables give you another mechanism for configuring the agent based on dynamically set values.    

About Environment Variables

To configure the agent with environment variables, simply set the value of the appropriate environment variable in the environment in which the monitored application runs.

There are environment variables defined for most of the agent settings you can configure in the controller-info.xml file. For example, there are variables for the application name, node name, Controller connection settings, and more.  

To set the node name for the agent using an environment variable, set the value of the APPDYNAMICS_AGENT_NODE_NAME environment variable as you normally would for the operating system you are using and restart the JVM.

For example, to set the variable from the Linux command line, enter this command: 


When the agent subsequently starts up, it takes node23 as its node name. 

Priority of Configuration Sources

 Since an agent setting can be specified in several places, the agent applies the following order of priority in taking a value for the setting:  

  1. Environment variable 
  2. System property 
  3. controller-info.xml

For each setting, the agent checks each of these sources. For the value, the agent uses the value from the first source that contains a non-empty value (based on the order shown).

Environment Variables Used by the Agent

The Java Agent takes configuration settings from the following environment variables, when set: 

Environment VariableEquivalent property

Notice that not all configurable agent settings are configurable through environment variables. For those settings, you need to use system properties or controller-info.xml, as described on Java Agent Configuration Properties

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