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The following notes describe 4.5.x updates to the .NET Agent.


  • Edging towards the goal of parity with the .NET Agent for Windows, in this release, the .NET Agent for Linux provides improvements to business transaction detection, configuration, and naming. In the Controller UI you can limit the transactions monitored by choosing to include or exclude ASP.NET and POCO business transactions matching criteria you specify. See .NET Agent Business Transaction Configuration
    The ability to customize Business Transaction detection that is now supported by .NET Agent for Linux version 4.5.9 requires Controller versions 4.5.2 and higher. The .NET Agent for Linux version 4.5.9 works with Controller version 4.4.1 and higher, but the customizable transaction detection and configuration capabilities require 4.5.2 and later versions of the Controller. See 2020-03-07_06-44-18_4.5.x Agent and Controller Compatibility.

 For Controller versions 4.4.2 to 4.5.1 and the .NET Agent for Linux, AppDynamics defaults to use two segments for ASP.NET business transaction naming.