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  • The flow map icon () now displays next to an application in the Waterfall View snapshot. 
  • The Waterfall View snapshot supports only the display of downstream applications (now shown with the flow map icon). 
  • The Cross-BT Hovercard now shows calls from upstream business transactions.
  • The AppDynamics Controller has certified support for SSO integration with the following SAML 2.0 identify providers (IDPs):
    • Okta
    • OneLogin
    • Ping Identity
    • Azure Active Directory
    • IBM Cloud Identity

  • Health Rule Schedules

The AppDynamics health rule schedule screen is revamped considerably that makes defining and executing health rule schedules easier. You can now create a custom schedule using cron expression and define a time zone specific to your application, independent of the controller time zone. This eliminates the need to adjust the time zone manually in the cron expression of the schedule if your application is in a separate time zone than that of the controller. For more information, see Health Rule Schedules.


AppDynamics now provides REST APIs to retrieve, create and manage health rule schedules associated with an application. For more information, see Alert and Respond API.

Deprecation Notices

  • As of 4.5.16, support for AMF configuration for endpoints in the Enterprise Console has been removed and is no longer required.