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For updates to the Universal Agent, see the following page:

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4.5.15 Updates 

October, 2019


  • Alert and Respond

AppDynamics now allows you to access anomaly events using predefined template variables in both HTTP request templates and email action templates. For more information, see Predefined Templating Variables.

  • Deprecation Notices

AppDynamics controllers will no longer support Swagger Documentation starting version 4.5.15.

4.5.14 Updates 

September 17, 2019


  • Enterprise Console

This version of Enterprise Console (EConsole) provides significant enhancements to the High Availability (HA) management functionality previously available. In this version of EConsole, the HA Toolkit has been integrated into EConsole via the HA Module that EConsole installs onto the HA Controller cluster. The HA Module manages high availability functionality such as replication and failover even if EConsole is not running or is otherwise unavailable. For more information, see Migrate an HA Pair Using Enterprise Console.


4.5.13 Updates

August 26, 2019


  • You can now see Application context in the audit report for all the entities, enabling a better understanding of application information at the top level.
    • Modifications to Business Transaction config are audited in the context of an Application
    • Modifications to Alerts/Health Rules are also audited with Application Name to facilitate a consistent end-user experience
  • Application Analytics
    Analytics now has a home page. See Application Analytics Notes for more information. 


4.5.12 Updates

July 31, 2019


  • The Tiers & Nodes dashboard by default only shows the tiers and nodes that receiving performance data for the selected timeframe. You can use a filter to view tiers and nodes receiving performance data, not receiving performance data, or all tiers and nodes.
  • Whenever a user is deleted from the user list, any custom dashboard that the user has created becomes non-functional with no permissions, and is unable to execute properly. This impacts all associated dashboard-based reports and shares. You can solve this problem using the Recover function.


4.5.11 Updates

July 8, 2019


  • Application name is added to the entities that are defined in the Controller Audit for OBJECT_CREATED and OBJECT_UPDATED. See Controller Audit Log for more details.
  • Flash is disabled by default for the entire Controller UI.
  • The Metric Browser also only shows by default the nodes for business applications that are receiving performance data for the selected timeframe. You can also use a filter to view nodes receiving performance data, nodes not receiving performance data, or all nodes.
  • AppDynamics enables the monitoring of all containers on the host machine through the sim.docker.monitorAPMContainersOnly property.  By default, only containers with APM agents running inside are monitored but this behavior can be changed by setting this property to false. 
  • You can now set permissions for the Analytics API Key on Connected Devices. 



Health Rule Affected Entities created using Flex may not be displayed in an HTML screen


When you edit an Action Suppression for nodes and tiers, Object Scope screen is blank


Actions get triggered through action suppression period is on


NullPointerException occurs and health rules continue to be evaluated even after the cron schedule for the health rule ends


Not able to edit Thread Dump Collection Interval


Node.js process snapshot screen in HTML5 lost a button
APMPLAT-10115Setting PHP MVC custom match rules in the Controller UI results in exceptions when the backend creates the rule for the agent AND custom STRUTS rule (Java) to use


Clicking "Node Dashboard > Grid view > Node" results in the error "Invalid unresolved backend call id :xxx"
APMPLAT-10452Information Point created from Snapshot drill down has blank class and method names


Exception occurs while creating or editing a PHP MVC custom match rule in Java


Metric graphs on the "Memory" tab displays data points in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) instead of the browser's local timezone


Creating PHP MVC custom match rule causes failed configuration and no data
METADATA-6013Last used timestamp in ADD table is not updated for Error ADDs after matched EPM metrics are received

(4.5.7) Database health rules not evaluating with an external user who has roles Account Owner(default) and Administrator (default)


Selected color is not displayed consistently by stacked column on account

UIPLATF-5898.NET node memory HTML screen displays incorrect data unlike the old flex screen
UIADMIN-1323Unable to see compare releases functionality at the node level
L4A-4700Database HRs not evaluating when configured for an INTERNAL user under a SAML account

Deprecation Notices

  • In the Scopes configuration screen of the Controller UI, the columns "Created by" and "Last modified by" have been removed. 
  • Once the Controller is upgraded to version 4.5.9, the Compare Releases functionality/feature will no longer be available in the Controller UI.
  • Once the Controller is upgraded to version 4.5.9, the Flex screens functionality/feature will no longer be available in the Controller UI.

4.5.8 Updates

March 25, 2019


  • The medium-sized Controller has been certified to run on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with Aurora database support. See Controller System Requirements
  • Anomaly detection and root cause analysis, powered by the Cognition Engine, is now generally available for all SaaS customers.
  • The pipe '|' or colon ':' can now be used interchangeably for the metric selection to work. See Using Wildcards in Metric Definitions


4.5.0 Updates

July 11, 2018


Application Performance Management