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Comment: Updated 4.5.13 Known Issue for Customize Flow Maps and Amazon CloudWatch


METADATA-7123Color of tier in flow map not consistent with legend
APMPLAT-12308Transaction detection rules are no longer duplicated
ALERT-2996Evaluation Events are not updated when the time range changes

Unable to save the Health Rule as the Save button is disabled, post setting an incorrect boolean condition

ALERT-3686Changing the time range does not refresh the violated events on "Evaluation Events" unless a hard refresh of the browser is performed
APMPLAT-12048Automatic discovery rule is editable
APMPLAT-12020Actual agent type now added to APP_AGENT type
SERVER-5862In the Server detail view > Volume card Disk I/O now correctly displays utilization as a percentage instead of in milliseconds
SERVER-6611404 “Not Found” error occurs when selecting a volume in the Servers page
APMPLAT-12061Invocation Trace displays correctly
MOBSVC-199Memory and CPU charts are invalid for rdsHostOSType = true
REPORTS-629Reports generated for Health Category do not display data for load, response time, and error details
SERVER-6348Install Linux RPM as the root user on RHEL 6
UIPLATF-7384"Helvetica Neue" font appears in custom permissions data table

Known Issues

4.5.12 Updates

July 31, 2019




Unable to edit health rule configuration values in the ‘Critical Criteria’ and ‘Warning Criteria’ tabs

ALERT-3313Error severity icon fails to render in an email alert created using the email template
ALERT-3288'Server' type health rules in APM do not handle SIM node deletion events appropriately
ALERT-3304Rest API does not retrieve health-rule violations correctly
ALERT-3142Health Rules are not evaluated on controller as indicated by error displayed on the dashboard

Analytics search throws error “Current user does not have access to current account details” for all non-admin users


From "Analytics", the call to "getAdditionalAdqlFunctions" fails with an HTTP Internal Server 500 Error


Widgets on the custom dashboard do not load properly when chrome language is set to the Turkish language after the controller upgrade

Memory graph of a tier displays major garbage collection icon for every data point even when no major collections occurred

UIPLATF-6824Dashboard widgets do not display green color when reverse color order is checked (true) since controller upgrade was done
UIPLATF-6771Heap status for data is displayed in the graph in bytes whereas the label displays it in MB
UIPLATF-6755Average utilization value based on the selected time range for Heap memory displays an incorrect value
UIPLATF-6843Gauge Widget does not show any color if the value is greater than 50% of the range
UIPLATF-7108Highcharts are displaying graph time in UTC instead of customer's time zone
UIADMIN-1291Deploy Controller with Flash has been disabled for all the users
APMPLAT-6143Remote services no longer display the business transaction information in the hover when clicking on the edge
APMPLAT-11368Reported both AsyncStart and AsyncEnd segments in a snapshot as HTTP exit calls
APMPLAT-11673Search box in "Business Transactions >All Other Traffic >View Traffic Details" page is case-sensitive
APMPLAT-11682Exception page is not getting refreshed when the time range is changed
APMPLAT-11716Enable/disable backend correlation checkbox missing from the newly converted HTML UI for "Backend Detection"
EUMUI-2157Job schedule settings display the wrong time zone in the Synthetic Hosted Agent
SERVER-6256Server process metrics stop reporting on Windows 2012 R2
SERVER-6322Container data is not properly updated due to a bug in the Server machine hash cache
SERVER-6407The User Interface element Response Size (bytes) correctly displays a value of 0, instead of displaying NaNundefined
SERVER-6437Fixed the association between a Machine Agent and the App Server agent when running directly on the host
SERVER-6606The Server Visibility Metric Browser existing agents report metrics correctly after upgrade to Controller 4.5.11
APMPLAT-8298File "UnresolvedBackendCallInfoDao.jar" performs unsafe sort methods
APMPLAT-11095Clicking the “View Dashboard During Health Rule Violation” link from "Health Rule Violation" dialog  opens the Server Visibility UI
APMPLAT-11341"View Dashboard" link from "Health Rule Violation" page is loading a different application dashboard
APMPLAT-11234Object Instance Tracking: NullPointerException thrown when agent configuration is absent on all hierarchy levels
ANALYTICS-9588Exporting Analytics Report as .csv not working on Windows machine
ANALYTICS-11210Metrics on Analytics events stopped populating
DOTNET-3596SSRS crash due to agent-bootstrap-instrumentations with the microservices agent
EUMIOT-1337EUM metrics in the Controller did not refresh its application info cache after the EUM account changed in the Controller
SERVER-5153"View Dashboard" link from Health Rule Violation now goes to the correct dashboard
SERVER-5549The Machine Agent does not send authorization headers for some REST endpoints
SERVER-6273The Tagged Metrics window now displays correctly
UIPLATF-5506Time range selector is not available on the sharing dashboard
UIPLATF-6395Graphs in the Memory tab do not display the correct time range as per selected custom timeframes
UIPLATF-6598Selected server is not displayed for single metric selection on the configuration screen
UIPLATF-6200Time series chart widget in the custom dashboard does not display large datasets
APMPLAT-12074"Invocation Trace" is blank when navigating to "Snapshot > Slow calls and errors > Hotspots"
METADATA-6926Health rules for mobile apps are not being evaluated

Known Issues

There can be a short delay before non-APM containers are monitored when upgrading to the 4.5.10 Machine Agent. This happens where the user sets the sim.docker.monitorAPMContainersOnly property to enable monitoring of non-APM containers but also has sim.docker.infraMode.enabled set to true.  In this case, non-APM containers won't be monitored until on-line schema migration happens. This takes approximately 4.5 hours after the Controller starts up.


PLATCPS-1423License usage REST API returns an empty set

Known Issues

LDAP users are not displayed when paging is disabled and the number of users exceeds 1000.


ALERT‑649Controller does not detect service endpoints that are created after the health rule set to affect all the service endpoints is created
PLATCPS-6578DB Agent and Machine Agent 4.5 are unable to register with 4.5 Controller (SaaS only)
PLATUI-1168Database RBAC in Roles does not work in 4.5 RC

Known Issues

  • Flash issues have become more prevalent in 4.5.1 and onwards. All customers that use the latest version of Chrome are affected, regardless of the Controller version. See How do I install Flash in Chrome? for more information on how to enable Flash-based features.
    As a best practice, AdBlock should be disabled when using the Controller UI. See How do I disable AdBlock in Chrome? for more information on how to do so.


ALERT‑716Actions are now triggered even when “Execute Action on 100% of the Nodes” is configured
ALERT-902Reporting of repetitive controller log files with identical content is now fixed
ALERT-945Though the ‘action suppression’ configured with ‘Disable Agent Reporting’ is deleted, the associated agents do not report metrics until the configured action suppression time has elapsed
ALERT-2067Cannot create health rules using synthetic job availability metrics or retrieve metrics for synthetic jobs older than a day if ‘EUM LITE’ license is used
ALERT-2081REST API fails with a ‘500 error code’ if ‘CUSTOM_ACTION_STARTED’ event type is present in the returned events list and if the time duration set is greater than 120 mins
ALERT-2159Status of the customized widget for a health rule remains unchanged in the dashboard although the health rule is disabled


Application names under Roles are not in alphabetical order
PLATUI-313Application search under Roles is case sensitive
PLATUI-346Application search under Roles displays blank screen after scrolling
PLATUI-736Unable to save the custom role when the dashboard search box is selected
REPORTS‑105Dashboard Health List names in Hebrew are not displayed on Reports on Linux Controllers

Reports are not generated properly – includes an empty iframe

DASH-2721Event List changes are not reflected properly on the UI.
DASH-2668Wildcard is not working for custom metrics type, Server|Component:<tier_id Or tier_name>.
DASH-2665Health List widget fails for Server entities.
DASH-2660War room template cannot be created with forward or backslashes in the template name.
DASH-1276Inconsistent fetch depth is observed for Metric Tree Selector while handling custom visitors.
DASH-1245Editing Metric Value Widget alters the existing metric title.
DASH-1231Clicking Health rule in the health status widget displays a blank page.
DASH-1198Support custom metrics type, Server:Component:<tier-name> in custom dashboards.
DASH-1166After upgrading the Controller from 4.0 to dashboards are distorted.
PLATCPS-1624Issue with username creation in SAML
PLATCPS‑3096Snapshot information is doubled after archive operation
PLATCPS-3968AWS 5.5MM /controller/restui/snapshot/getRequestSegmentData takes 44 seconds
PLATCPS-5591Off-by-one error on license availability check for APM Any Language License

Known Issues