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For updates to the Universal Agent, see the following page:

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4.5.14 UpdatesUpdates 


September 17, 2019


The software for this update is available to SaaS-only customers at this time. For those on-premises customers considering upgrading to the latest version, the following describes what has been fixed in the next release.



Cross-BT Correlation


When a business transaction (BT) that represents the endpoint of a service calls another BT that represents the endpoint of another service, that is a "cross-BT" call. This is typical of One-App-Per-Service architectures, where multiple applications each correspond to a different services and BTs represent service endpoints.


Cross-BT Correlation is a new AppDynamics feature that enables you to inspect cross-BT calls, using the Cross-BT Hovercard in the Application flow map.


The hovercard provides performance data for cross-BT calls, including those that fail to reach their intended targets. This enables you to perform service monitoring, problem isolation, and root cause analysis (RCA) for applications in One-App-Per-Service architectures.