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    This page lists the resolved issues for the agents, the Controller (on-premises or SaaS), and the on-premises platform in the 20.7 release. 

    When artifacts are updated, they are listed with their new version numbers in the tables below. Version numbers are also shown in the AppDynamics Downloads Portal.

    You can sort the table of resolved issues by key, version, and product, or use the search field to find resolved issues. The most recent releases appear at the top of the page.

    Agent Resolved Issues

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    CDM-6426Android AgentScreenshot tiles are not properly sent to the collector and as a result, screenshots may not be rendered correctly in the collector20.7.0
    CLUSTERMON-1758Cluster Agent

    The Cluster Agent Pod does not start and remains in the Pending state when taint is defined in the nodepool.

    This release adds support to set tolerations. See tolerations in the Configure the Cluster Agent YAML File section.

    DBMON-7036Database AgentThe literals are unmasked for a CREATE statement even after selecting Remove literals from the queries in the Security configuration20.7.0
    DOTNET-4728.NET AgentUnable to see complete stacktrace after upgrading to MSI-based 20.5 agent from .NET Microservice agent20.7.0
    IIB-253IBM Integration Bus (IIB) Agent

    AppDynamics IIB Agent creates a separate log file for each execution group

    IIB-280IBM Integration Bus (IIB) Agent

    Nodes are not getting discovered by the IIB Agent on ACE (IIB 11)

    IIB-294IBM Integration Bus Agent (IIB)

    Shutdown of the broker that runs multiple execution groups might result in a crash on some execution groups

    IIB-287IBM Integration Bus Agent (IIB)

    The Broker on AIX crashes during startup when instrumented with IIB Agent version 20.7.0

    JAVA-7825Java Agent

    Java Agent stops reporting analytics data on the agent version 20.4

    JAVA-7820Java Agent

    Running Corretto with Java Agent results in an Unrecognized Vendor message

    JAVA-7800Java Agent

    End User Monitoring (EUM) correlation with ADRUM headers does not work for Akka HTTP

    JAVA-7569Java Agent

    The slowest database and remote calls are not displayed for any time slice (current or historical) for one hour or less

    JAVA-7504Java Agent

    The ApacheLog4 library in appserver agent shipped with controller installer is upgraded

    JAVA-7234Java Agent

    The Servlet filter API is displayed as a POJO type in the call graph in place of Servlet entry point

    NODEJS-39Node.js AgentAgent detects proxy server as HTTP Backend and displays it in the Flow Map20.7.0
    PHP-947PHP Agent

    PHP Agent reports incorrect HTTP response code when exceptions are thrown

    PYTHON-323Python AgentPython Agent affects the request header of Application API when using pyagent20.7.0
    PYTHON-20Python Agentdef get_proxysupport_dir() error is displayed when instrumenting ODOO application using the Python Agent20.7.0
    PYTHON-228Python AgentCVE-2019-17571 vulnerability found in the Python AppDynamics proxy20.7.0
    SERVER-8322Machine AgentWindows: OSHI process CPU utilization metric displays correctly when compared to WMI-based metrics20.7.0
    SERVER-8348Machine AgentCPU User metric now shown in KPI mode20.7.0
    SYNTH-5620Synthetic AgentResource errors are not excluded when authentication protocol determines synthetic job session status20.7.0
    WEBSRV-241Apache Agent

    The script unnecessarily creates an entry in the /etc/ directory


    Controller (SaaS/On-Premises) Resolved Issues

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    ALERT-3800Alert and RespondThe audit.log and REST API response include a typo, helathRuleIds20.7.0
    ALERT-4781Alert and RespondWhen you update an existing action, OBJECT_UPDATED events in the audit log file show old values as 0 instead of the previously configured value20.7.0
    ALERT-5940Alert and RespondWhen you update a global health rule checkbox for an application, the application name is missing in the audit log20.7.0
    ALERT-6106Alert and RespondAction suppression does not work for health rules with status Ended – Critical; this happens for events of the type Database20.7.0
    ALERT-6139Alert and RespondAlerting template does not get applied to applications, it gets stuck with a status In Queue20.7.0
    ALERT-5349Alert and RespondWhen you open an Event UI and reload the background UI, the refreshed background UI display is distorted20.6.0, 20.7.0
    ALERT-6028Alert and RespondRemove Alerting Template RBAC constraints20.4.0, 20.7.0
    ALERT-6684Alert and RespondThe third-party Bzip2 library used by the Controller has been updated to version 1.0.820.7.1
    ALERT-6764Alert and RespondDeep link for "Affected Entity" and "View Dashboard During Health Rule Violation" is taking -1 instead of the correct entity ID20.7.2
    AMCSEV-49App Monitoring Cloud ServicesMissing information when exporting JMX Rule20.7.0
    AMCSEV-191App Monitoring Cloud ServicesCustomization of Automatic Leak Detection settings transforms APP_AGENT configuration20.7.0
    AMCSEV-512App Monitoring Cloud ServicesUser Getter Chain not working correctly when \. operator is found20.7.0
    AMCSEV-518App Monitoring Cloud ServicesDeleting backend throws the error message Invalid unresolved backend call id20.7.0
    AMCSEV-521App Monitoring Cloud ServicesSnapshots link broken in Transaction Summary Statistics UI with RSD V2 enabled20.7.0
    ANLYTCS_ES-3415Events ServiceCannot create Analytics metrics from an ADQL query that contains a comma20.7.0
    ANLYTCS_ES-3803Events ServiceUnable to see metric data on the metric browser, last run failed message is displayed20.7.1
    ANALYTICS-11038Applications AnalyticsADQL with substring function does not work for fields with hyphen20.7.0
    ANALYTICS-12263Applications AnalyticsBO definition in draft state with duplicate names will loop forever in UI20.7.0
    ANALYTICS-12441Applications AnalyticsAnalytics: UI Fails To Handle Long Queries20.7.0
    ANALYTICS-12675Controller UIBO grid view API call should include an additional param flowmapDetails set to false20.7.0
    APMPLAT-11934APMJMX create metric operation to auto-fill domain name in UI popup and JMX rule using the create metric operation have been fixed4.5.17, 20.7.0
    CLUSTERMON-1358Cluster MonitoringThe Pods tab does not display the pod list after the re-registration of Cluster Agent20.7.0
    DBMON-6529Database MonitoringThe Connect backends to Database Visibility to track health status message is displayed every time, even when it is not required20.7.0, 20.4.3
    DBMON-6628Database MonitoringThe Network Dashboard flowmap does not display the backend nodes of the database20.6.0, 20.7.0, 20.4.2
    DBMON-6601Database MonitoringThe Events tab for the MySQL collector displays the error, Error processing InnoDB metrics for config20.7.0
    DIAGPLAT-807APMSnapshots do not get loaded, 500 Internal Server Error is displayed20.7.1
    DIAGPLAT-809APMArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException is displayed for RSD V2 enabled Controllers20.7.1
    EUMPLAT-593EUMArchived Browser Snapshot does not open when the linked Transaction Snapshot does not exist20.7.0
    EUMPLAT-831EUMAccount credential is not updated when hitting renew-license-key endpoint20.7.0
    L4A-12097AccountsNo audit log entry created for license changes20.7.0
    L4A-12444AccountsNullPointerException when using REST API to generate an access token for API Client20.7.0
    L4A-12447AccountsEncountered LDAP sync failure while updating user outside Hibernate session20.7.0
    METADATA-9035APMAble to use native query to find Business Transaction IDs and their tier IDs from the database correctly20.7.0
    METADATA-9171APMNo snapshots are created because the ADD stacktrace purger takes more than 20 hours to complete and holds the read-only lock for the metadata table20.7.0
    METADATA-8834Metric BrowserADDs display correctly in the Metric Browser without a name conflict20.7.0
    METADATA-9035APMAble to use native query to find Business Transaction IDs and their tier IDs from the database correctly20.7.0
    METRICSVC-5472Metric ServiceReader client version was updated to version for Controller master20.7.0
    METRICSVC-5776Metric ServiceThe third-party PostgreSQL JDBC Driver library used by the Controller has been updated to version 4.2.1320.7.1
    MQS-1100Metric Query ServiceMissing business transaction specific graphs in the Expression Dashboard20.7.0


    Server VisibilityService availability check interval in the Controller UI now displays minutes instead of seconds20.7.0
    SERVER-8271Server VisibilityServer metrics no longer disappear in the UI when scrollinguic-20.5.0, 20.7.0
    SVCMON-883APMWebService type exit call is displayed as ui:ms_TransactionExitPointType_null20.7.0
    SVCMON-900Controller UIResourceManager renders package:key strings when a key is not found instead of the locale strings, with a log message package or string not found20.7.0
    TMNT-580Machine AgentUnable to download the Machine Agent from Getting Started Wizard - Servers20.7.0

    On-Premises Platform Resolved Issues

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    SYNTH-4759Synthetic ServerOn-premises Controller with hosted license is unable to create jobs due to SaaS API call failures20.7.0
    SYNTH-5678Synthetic ServerPrivate synthetic agent jobs do not consume synthetic license units if webpages are not loaded20.7.0
    SYNTH-5685Synthetic AgentTEMP directory C:\users\agent_user\AppData\Local\Temp does not get deleted automatically20.7.0
    SYNTH-5636Synthetic ServerSynthetic jobs are auto-disabled even when sufficient license units are left20.7.0
    SYNTH-5554Synthetic ServerSynthetic job editor becomes unresponsive when it receives errors from AJAX calls20.7.0
    SYNTH-5458Synthetic ServerCapacity-related error messages displayed for private agents are now different from the error messages displayed for SaaS agents20.7.0
    SYNTH-5445Synthetic ServerWaterfall graph displays duplicate tick labels in the timeline on the Session Summary page20.7.0
    ALERT-4182Alert and RespondNullPointerException is displayed when configuring the Email SMS for an on-premises Controller20.7.0