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Unable to edit health rule configuration values in the ‘Critical Criteria’ and ‘Warning Criteria’ tabs

ALERT-3313Error severity icon fails to render in an email alert created using the email template 
ALERT-3288'Server' type health rules in APM do not handle SIM node deletion events appropriately 
ALERT-3304Rest API does not retrieve health-rule violations correctly 

Analytics search throws error “Current user does not have access to current account details” for all non-admin users



Widgets on the custom dashboard do not load properly when chrome language is set to the Turkish language after the controller upgrade 

Memory graph of a tier displays major garbage collection icon for every data point even when no major collections occurred

UIPLATF-6824Dashboard widgets do not display green color when reverse color order is checked (true) since controller upgrade was done 
UIPLATF-6771Heap status for data is displayed in the graph in bytes whereas the label displays it in MB 
UIPLATF-6755Average utilization value based on the selected time range for Heap memory displays an incorrect value 
UIPLATF-6843Gauge Widget does not show any color if the value is greater than 50% of the range 
UIPLATF-7108Highcharts are displaying graph time in UTC instead of customer's time zone
APMPLAT-6143Remote services no longer display the business transaction information in the hover when clicking on the edge 
APMPLAT-11673Search box in "Business Transactions >All Other Traffic >View Traffic Details" page is case sensitive 
APMPLAT-11682Exception page is not getting refreshed when the time range is changed 
EUMUI-2157Job schedule settings display the wrong time zone in the Synthetic Hosted Agent 
SERVER-6256Server process metrics stop reporting on Windows 2012 R2 
SERVER-6322Container data is not properly updated due to a bug in the Server machine hash cache 
SERVER-6407The User Interface element Response Size (bytes) correctly displays a value of 0, instead of displaying NaNundefined 
SERVER-6437Fixed the association between a Machine Agent and the App Server agent when running directly on the host 
SERVER-6606The Server Visibility Metric Browser existing agents report metrics correctly after upgrade to Controller 4.5.11
APMPLAT-8298File "UnresolvedBackendCallInfoDao.jar" performs unsafe sort methods 
APMPLAT-11095Clicking the “View Dashboard During Health Rule Violation” link from "Health Rule Violation" dialog  opens the Server Visibility UI 
APMPLAT-11341"View Dashboard" link from "Health Rule Violation" page is loading a different application dashboard 
APMPLAT-11234Object Instance Tracking: NullPointerException thrown when agent configuration is absent on all hierarchy levels 
ANALYTICS-9588Exporting Analytics Report as .csv not working on Windows machine 
ANALYTICS-11210Metrics on Analytics events stopped populating 
DOTNET-3596SSRS crash due to agent-bootstrap-instrumentations with the microservices agent 
DBMON-4767Search in Database Agents tab should be case-insensitive 
EUMIOT-1337EUM metrics in the Controller did not refresh its application info cache after the EUM account changed in the Controller 
SERVER-5153"View Dashboard" link from Health Rule Violation now goes to the correct dashboard 
SERVER-5549The Machine Agent does not send authorization headers for some REST endpoints 
SERVER-6273The Tagged Metrics window now displays correctly 
UIPLATF-5506Time range selector is not available on sharing dashboard 
UIPLATF-6395Graphs in the Memory tab do not display the correct time range as per selected custom timeframes 
UIPLATF-6598Selected server is not displayed for single metric selection on the configuration screen 
UIPLATF-6200Timeseries chart widget in custom dashboard does not display large datasets 
APMPLAT-12074"Invocation Trace" is blank when navigating to "Snapshot > Slow calls and errors > Hotspots"4.5.11
METADATA-6926Health rules for mobile apps are not being evaluated