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    Synthetic jobs can consist are configurable, scheduled tests consisting of URL measurements or synthetic scripts. You can run jobs at a specified frequency or request to run a job once.  

    Synthetic Job Types

    Synthetic jobs have two types: Scheduled and On-Demand. Those jobs that you configure to run at a specified frequency are called "Scheduled" jobs. You can make a request to run a job only once: this is known as an "On-Demand" job. Scheduled jobs generate synthetic sessions, whereas, On-Demand jobs generate synthetic snapshots.

    You create "Scheduled" jobs through the Jobs page. To create "On-Demand" jobs, you use the On-Demand page or generate a synthetic snapshot from the Browser Snapshot Details dialog. To create a job, see Get Started with Browser Synthetic Monitoring.  

    Synthetic Job Locations

    For URL measurements and synthetic script jobs, the Synthetic Agent is always run in the configured browser location. The synthetic script, however, is not run on the same machine or location as the configured browser for security reasons. See Synthetic Agent Locations for more details.