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This page provides considerations and requirements for AWS instances that host the Controller.  

Instance Sizing

The table shows For AWS instance sizing by metric ingestion rate, see the Controller Sizing table.

The actual metrics generated can vary greatly depending on the nature of the application and the AppDynamics configuration. Be sure to validate your sizing against the metric ingestion rate before deploying to production. 

Installer Performance ProfileMaximum Metric Count/MinuteMaximum Agent CountController EC2 Instance SizeAurora RDS Instance SizeNotes
Small1 M1,500



This performance profile assumes the use of 6 SSDs using 2 NVMe cards (minimum 800GB each).

 There is no Aurora DB support for 1 M metrics. Both Controller and MySQL reside on the same instance.

Medium3 M7,500r4.4xlargedb.r4.8xlarge 
Large5.5 M10,000r4.8xlargedb.r4.16xlarge 

The numbers here have been updated to reflect the latest performance testing results as of May, 2018.

Elastic Network Interface (ENI)

For AWS, provision an ENI for each Controller host and link the license to the MAC address of the ENI. For more information about ENI, see the AWS documentation at the following link: