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    1. Create a platform as follows:

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      bin/ create-platform --name <platform_name> --installation-dir <platform_installation_directory>

      The installation directory is the directory where the Enterprise Console installs all platform components.


      To avoid any failures, do not use the 4.3 Platform Admin installation directory. Instead, provide a new/empty directory.

    2. Add the SSH key that the Enterprise Console will use to access and manage the Events Service hosts remotely. (See Create the SSH Key for more information): 

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      bin/ add-credential --credential-name <name> --type ssh --user-name <username> --ssh-key-file <file path to the key file>

      <file path to the key file> is the private key for the Enterprise Console machine. The installation process deploys the keys to the Events Service hosts. 


    3. Add hosts to the platform, passing the credential you added to the platform: 

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      bin/ add-hosts --hosts es_host_1 es_host_2 es_host_3 --credential <credential name>
    4. Discover the Events Service nodes that are not yet integrated:

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      bin/ discover-submit-job --service events-service -job discover_upgrade -installation-dir /opt/appdynamics/events-service --hosts es_-platform-name <name_of_the_platform> --args destinationDirectory=<path_to_events_service> serviceActionHost=<es_host_1 es_host_2 es_host_33>

      This command integrates the nodes into the Enterprise Console and also upgrades them.


    1. Upgrade the Enterprise Console to the lastest version.
    2. Navigate to the <Enterprise Console home directory>/platform-admin directory.
    3. If it has been more than one day since your last session, you will have to log in with the following command:

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      bin/ login --user-name <admin_username> --password <admin_password>
    4. Apply the upgrade to the Events Service nodes with the following command: 

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      bin/ upgrade-submit-job --service events-service --job upgrade --platform-name <name_of_the_platform>